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Error while trying to purchase order

I am trying to purchase a costume order. but when I tried placing the order i get an error message saying “Something went wrong” what does these mean?
I check my bank account and i get charged and after a few minutes the money goes back on my card…
any suggestions
i need some help!!


Maybe there is something wrong with the card you are using. You can talk to Customer Support and your card provider perhaps to know more.

The same situiation happened to me today and yesterday.
I was only able to order one gig, and when I wanted to order a second gig, the order failed. I also tried with different credit cards, but even than my order failed…

Exact same problem here. If Fiverr doesn’t fix this soon they’re going to see their sells plummit!

I have same problem today. I get charged in my bank account but i don’t see my order.

I had a buyer yesterday getting super frustrated with the same thing - nearly cost me a $120 sale!

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Fiverr have to do something about this. This is about to cost me $100 sale. I pray it doesn’t. Buyer already submitted ticket to support.

I have the same problem today and ysterday and sever days before.

May be that’s why i am not getting any orders because my buyers facing same problem.:frowning:

yesterday i ordered one gig from paypal and payment is successfully received to fiverr,but the gig i ordered is not showing in fiverr,i checked in buyer’s tab and manage orders tab also but there is only my previous purchase not the latest i ordered

I was making an order and after providing details of my Visa card, it says, “Opppps something went wrong with this order”. Is there something wrong with my account ot seller account or with ficerr??

I think fiverr should put full attention to solve buyers order processing issues. When a buyer will face the same issue twice, He will not come back to the site.
Please fiverr solve order processing issues.

Hello. I am getting this error as well. Is there any comments about how to resolve it?

I have the same problems over and over again. I feel frustrated by wasting of my time doing this. Is there anyone who solved this issue?

Same thing happened to me, two different CCs and nothing works.

Are you sure your cards are real credit cards and not debit cards? There´s a difference, and many online businesses accept only real credit cards, not debit cards. If you´re sure they both are credit cards, ask Customer Support, they’ll help. :slight_smile:

Is anyone else able to resolve this issue. I ordered from the same person I always order from using the same card and nothing. It is saying error and to contact support.

IT CHARGED ME 6 TIMES… OMG! Please tell me there is a way to resolve this. The seller STILL doesn’t have my order.

The only solution would be by contacting support. Send them a message and try to attach screenshots as proof.

Best of luck!


To add:

Please everyone, do not keep trying to order if you have this problem.

This is most likely a reoccurring bug. It has happened many times before.

If you see the “something went wrong” message, and then you check your payment method and there is a charge or withdrawal, contact CS. They should be able to correct the problem.

If you continue to try to place orders, you will most likely be charged multiple times. The transactions can be corrected, but it would be better if you do not keep trying and instead contact CS after it happens once.

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