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Error: "withdrawal was not completed. please try again or contact customer support for more details."

I’m facing this error message when i transfer my fiverr personal balance to my payoneer account via bank transfer.
Error: “Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details.”


Generally it means that you made a transfer before the 24 hour daily limit. You can only transfer once every 24 hours. I experienced this a few weeks ago. In my case, it was a timing thing as I tried to transfer funds within that limit. If there is another reason, I’m unaware. Hope that helps.


I am facing the same issue.

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I am also facing the same is there an error or something wrong with my account?

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Hi ,

Thank you for letting us know about this. We’re aware of the issue with the Payoneer withdrawals, their engineering and operations teams are now working on resolving this urgently.

Please try again later, and if the problem persists, let us know.
Message from fiverr support

From what I read online, this is a problem from Payoneer’s end and the they are working on a fix

These type of questions are really helpful as i am new here.

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sure. We always try to help each others.

i am also fa facing the same issue. I don’t know what’s the reason, i have tried all of the above solutions but didn’t get solution. Anyone who can assist me?

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I am having the same issue while trying to withdraw (payoneer) . Please solve this issue. :blush:

It mean that you already withdraw a payment in in same day.
Today i personally experience this error. So i wait for 24 hour now everything is ok.
So be relaxe and wait for 24 hour to withdraw your fund from fiverr.
Have good day

It usually happens if you try to withdraw more than once a day You can only withdraw only once in 24 hours and if you try to do it twice within this time frame, such message will show up


Thank you sir
Your 100% right

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I have the same issue. This is my first withdraw in this month.

Dear bro
You can withdraw only 1 payment in 24 hours in fiverr.
Wait 24 hours everything will going good for you

Bro I know that. I try withdraw once a month. I contact Fiverr support team and they resolve my issue. Payoneer was experiencing some technical issues on their end, which is why this happened.

hello please help me out, i wanted to withrew via paypal and i wasnt able to achive that, they kept telling me " Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details."

I also facing the same problem.

Me too. I cannot withdraw my money also.

Hello. Any solution?