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Errors in the Spanish version

So many translation mistakes such as “ordenes” instead of “pedidos”… “ordenar” instead of "pedir"

Please fix…

I did not take a look at the Spanish version yet, but of course, you are right here. I guess the best you can do is contact customer support, because we are all just regular users here, who cannot change a thing about Fiverr.

actually "ordenes " is the right translation , it all depends on your location.

Just like english word biscuit.

Aqui pedimos las cosas que queremos.

Verificamos Las ORDENES que estan procesando.

So esta bien traducido.

Es el contexto.

<3 Biancha

So it depends upon the context in which the words are being used.

I also found some information stating that it depends on the Spanish speaking country you find yourself in. Often American Spanish is different from European Spanish, so it is not that clearcut. And even within Spanish speaking regions, there can be differences.

The same goes for English, French, Dutch, German, Chinese and many other countries and languages that I am not really aware off.