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Escalating issues with support


Hello, I’ve had an ongoing issue with my on-time delivery stat. I have photographic proof that there is an error with my account. I’ve been speaking with a support agent now for weeks about the issue, and now she’s just being rude about it in our messages.

Does anyone know how to go about escalating issues within the support team? Or at least having someone new look at the issue?

Cheers for ANY advice on this!



Fiver’s CS team is your first and last contact on Fiverr. Their decision is usually final. Well, unless you happen to know a Fiverr employee, or a friend/acquaintance who knows one, there is probably nothing much you can do other than to accept what CS says.

You could try tagging them in a Twitter post. I am not sure how effective that’d be, though.


Thank you. It’s not that I’m disputing their decision. In fact, there is no decision to make. I logged a bug/error, which is easily proved. In fact, it’s not even important in the grand scheme of things. It’s more the matter of the conflicting and now rude messages I’m getting in response.
So there is no escalating to a supervisor or colleague?
That’s a bit maddening lol.


If it’s not important then I recommend letting it go unless it’s going to make your level go down.

Generally arguing with customer support won’t get you far and is not worth the effort unless there is something important at stake.

Of course if the bug is still there and has continued to make your stats drop you are in the right to insist on it being fixed.

If this is all it is that is the problem, then it sounds like it’s best to let it go. Know when to pick your battles.