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Escrow and Payment

I am new to Fiverr and to online freelancing in general, how does escrow funding and payment work in Fiverr? As a person who has never done online freelancing, I have no idea how the client can be trusted to pay on completion of the gig, as you know less than nothing about the client?

Please help me understand the process, Thank you.

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Check the post above.


Welcome @amtartariq, how are you doing? Glad you joined Fiverr.

Unfortunate I’m not that experienced enough to talk about payments, well at least here on Fiverr. But you certainly will find someone who does. good luck!

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The basic concept is pretty simple:

– The client orders your service and pays immediately. The money is withheld by Fiverr.

– You work and deliver your order.

– The client is satisfied with your work, in which case he/she will either:
a) Mark your order as completed and optionally rate your services.
b) Do nothing. 3 days later the order is marked as completed.

– Two weeks after the order is marked as completed, Fiverr will give you the money.

Things that can go ‘wrong’ include the client NOT accepting your delivery and asking for a revision (in which case you would normally re-deliver, and the process would continue normally as stated above), or asking for a cancellation before you get to deliver your order, which you can either accept or reject, and any dispute that could end up with the client getting a refund would require the involvement of Fiverr’s Customer Service.

There are a number of nuances in between, but this is basically what it’s all about.