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Ethics and Fiverr

I am a writer and could not be happier with the potential that I see by putting my skills to work on here! However, I have found a profitable gig that is designed to help businesses get positive customer feedback and earn more real business. I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses and cool products, which is why I started the gig. Also, this gig made me a rated seller within 2 weeks and I have had repeat business with great buyers.

I do have a potential “bad buyer” where I feel that they have a business that actually preys on people. This buyer has ordered my gig extras and wants another round, which I would otherwise be more than thrilled about…But, I looked into the business and it really does feel like they are unethical–and that is being polite about it. Within 10 minutes of research on them, all I saw was negative allegations of fraud and such.

How would some of you seasoned Fiverr sellers deal with this? I obviously don’t want to use my love of writing and my new found income source to prey on people. I have completed most of the first order and they are all set to order again, but I wish they wouldn’t. The negative reviews on them also seem to all com from about 1-2 years ago, maybe management has restructured? However, they have no connections through linkedIn and an inactive FaceBook page.

I also feel obligated to finish the gig they ordered, they have been very nice and I don’t want to go through another cancellation. I had to cancel an order last week because a buyer ordered my gig, but wanted something I don’t do and don’t know how to do. I tried communicating this to him about 3 times and gave up. That was before I learned that all cancellations are marks against you.

Any advice?

Just to clarify. In the second paragraph is state that the do have a business that preys of people. I meant that they SEEM to have a business that may prey on people. I have no hard evidence, but something inside of me told me to look into them. They are close to my geographic area, so it wasn’t hard. However, what I found raised a lot of questions and I immediately felt that I might not be comfortable fulfilling their orders.