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Ethics and honesty remarks

Ethics and honesty remarks:

  • What will we do as a seller If a client ask for personally chatting with you?
  • There is a major risk/problem for a seller that customer can report you?
  • Is there any chance that seller can be safe from these trouble makers?

Obviously you should just reply that according to fiverr TOS all communication happen in fiverr. And after that hit “report” button

If you didn’t agree “to chat” outside of fiverr there is no threat to your account. Also obviously.


Yes I know that but still as a seller I feel confusing in this situation because buyers have read ToC as well isn’t?

it’s always best to ask them to maintain communication within fiverr to avoid any later issues.


Yes, buyers should all read TOS. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, like many sellers they do not. :roll_eyes:


Most people don’t read ToS, buyers included. Especially buyers.

If you find 100% safety in any part of life, do let us know, I’m sure everyone would love to know about it. :rofl:

Generally speaking, though, if you don’t break the rules, you should be reasonably safe.


Say no.
Yes they can report you if you do it.
You can be safe by saying no to them and reporting them.


Say no. They just want to either waste your time trying to get free advice from you or they want to do something with them off the Fiverr platform.

No legitimate, professional buyer behaves this way.


Well, communication at Fiverr between sellers & buyers have lot benefits as well, such as resolution center is obviously to avoid any penalty between seller & buyers. While chatting personally outside of Fiverr will create a number of risks, that’s why Fiverr strictly not allowed both seller & buyer to communicate outside the Fiverr.

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Really you got it right. I spent 2 days chatting with him and browsing so many things for his work, I just want to work throw fiverr and not let him go like that because I need to enlarge my profile as well.

I don’t know him, so working without a middleman, that will be a high risk for me.

I’m trying to bring him back into fiverr and work on his project. I gave lots of time so I want to make some money from him.

Well now you know for next time not to invest time and resources in that.


So do not spend lots of time with anyone until and unless they order. There are a lot of people who waste our time without ever ordering. Don’t keep talking to them like that without an order. Ask them if they will be ordering, and then simply stop answering if they don’t order.

Spend ten minutes at the most chatting then stop. Just stop answering. I am sure that he won’t be ordering.


Great I will do this next time.

I personally love talking to my buyers. In fact I made a few friends in the process. The person who gave me my first order is somewhat a good friend to me now. I don’t know how it might be any trouble unless people start getting personal

I like to talk to people and make friends as well but I come to fiverr for some work first then anything else. :slightly_smiling_face: @ash_shahin

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There is no reason why someone would ask to talk outside Fiverr except to waste your time. Free advice, so to speak. Besides, it’s against Terms of Use.

Clients get an email whenever they get a new message from you; they can come and chat. I’m not going to chase user-420 on Discord or whatever just because he feels it’s more familiar. Besides, if something goes south with the order, our conversation is recorded, so Support can take an informed decision.

The only way a conversation outside Fiverr could possible be okay in my opinion is for a repeat customer, someone who ordered from you a lot, someone you talk a lot and you’re pretty comfortable with.


I will keep in mind your advice in last paragraph. Thank you for that.

Why would that be ok? It’s still not allowed. It’s not to your advantage to do that. It can get your account banned.


Oh okay. I really like to discuss things. We gather knowledge, clear our misunderstandings.

You can discuss “things” and “clear misunderstandings” all you want through Fiverr’s messaging system HERE. Doing anything else is a quick path to getting your account suspended or banned.