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Ethics & Cheating Gigs


My corner on Fiverr is Google Analytics and there’s more and more gigs sprouting up to take the Google Analyrics exam.

Studying, failing and finally passing that exam changed my life onward. It really hits a nerve close to home.

Have you made any observations?


I see the Google Analytics Exam is a free exam that Google gives. If you pass you get a free certificate. Are you saying that there are gigs using the same exam Google offers, and selling this?


I guess it’s more “I will do your exam for you” kinda stuff. I’d say this is pretty bad, as it would allow someone to pass themselves off as a GA master with certification when in fact they’re no better than you or I at whatever the exam tests you on.


They could just make their own certificate and post a photo of it. The certificate is approximately 3 lines of text.

It would be much more valuable to actually take the course but that might involve a few hours of study.

If they take the exam for you, wouldn’t that mean they need your real name and email?


Could not agree more.


I’m on the same page as both of you.


Exactly! You need to have a real Google account associated with your certification. It’s one of those services that eats away at me since it’s not creating real value.


Just had someone asking me to pass his online exam… :-/


This happens all the time for me.


Impersonating to be certified set expectations of the Buyers to be non-realistic. Like one is a wizard while he/she is not.

The market will evetually will get rid of these phonies.