Ethics on Fiverr


Where do people draw the line with ethics as far as gigs they do on Fiverr? I had a buyer come to me asking to write a winning essay to get them a college scholarship. I am a Teacher, and I find this unethical. College students should write their own essays. Getting help editing, I get. I see sellers that are willing to do people’s homework too.

So, what is the line of what is ethical and not in this area? Where do you draw the line?


Been done to death, old chap.


I missed the thread on it…whats the bottom line?


Well, that depends on various thingummies, but here’s a full recent discussion to enjoy (or not!)


College essay, totally agree with you.

The homework part, well . . . it depends. When I was in college, boy oh boy some of those physics homework questions were off the wall - pull my hair out - study group was no help as none of us knew how to do it - spend an hour or more on one question - still got it wrong!! :weary: (Which by the way homeworks are just not graded in the department of engineering.)

I hired tutors to help me, so if I could have hired a brainiac to help with the entire work - not just the answer - but step by step so I can see how it’s done - it would have been a better learning experience for me.

So for non graded homework in math or physics, I really don’t see it as being unethical.


Most observant. You should start a post on that, as nobody else has noticed. This post is about paid-for academic writing, though. It’s a different, more genteel kind of ethical violation.



Thanks em.


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