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EU vat law


how does new EU VAT law effect UK sellers, do we need to collect consumer info and pay vat in that country? or does fiverr do it?

also in the uk you dont need to be VAT registrered unless you’re business profits over 80 grand yearly so you dont get a VAT id


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are you a company(any type of) registered in UK?


thanks lol


nope not a company


All that the help articles say is the “VAT field is for European users only. For residents in Israel, a VAT ID is mandatory.” When you are on Fiverr, you are technically a business, but tax laws are different for each region. You could ask Customer Support but they probably don’t know the details for non-Israeli users.


Google revealed this:

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Ok i read on Goverment website the new law effects automated digital content, apparently does not effect sales if theres interaction between client and seller, the seller sends file physically by email themself without using automated emails.


I was wondering myself but it looks like Fiverr found a work around as the goods are not auto delivered. Seems like a strange oversight. As a seller of electronic goods I’d be happy to email my PDF to buyers rather than an automatic download if it means they’ll save the 19% German VAT!