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''Evading'' fees? (solved)

Update: thank you all so much for feedback and advice, i see now that its not a good idea to do it and i wont, please dont send any more replies on this topic, thank you ^^

Hi! I just have a question:
would it be against the rules if i asked buyers to leave a tip covering the fee of both the tip and the original price? Id leave it optional for the buyer and fiverr would get even more money so it cant be bad right? If not or its a bad idea thats okay but please tell me :slight_smile:


just to clarify, i dont wanna just raise my prices becouse thatll still be really discouraging to me seeing the huge fee taken out of my payment, and itd discourage buyers too, and like i said, id want it to be optional

It’s the buyers choice if he wants to leave a tip or not… you can’t force anyone to pay you more. The only solution if to raise your prices if you need more revenue


like i said, the only thing i would do is explain to them how fiverr takes a huge fee from my payment and calculate how much the tip would be to bring my earnings back to the original price i asked for, and offer them to pay that or less or not atall. Im not gonna force anyone, just encourage. All im asking is if that would be against the rules or not, becouse on some sites, asking customers to pay extra becouse fees isnt allowed, so i didnt wanna get myself accidentally banned by doing this

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that would be a bit awkward for the buyer… to be ’ encouraged ’ to leave a tip in my opinion … I would say that it’s not really a professional way to earn more . If you don’t want to raise your prices perhaps offering more quality would make the buyer to leave a tip without having to be ’ encouraged ’ … Some might find this ’ encouraging ’ part rude and this might be reflected in the review that they are leaving … Also 20% is not a huge fee… Fiverr survives because of that 20% fee as well,it’s normal for Fiverr to take 20% in my opinion


But Fiverr takes 20% of both your tips and your gig sales, so how would you benefit? :thinking:


It doesn’t make any sense to me :thinking:
You want to charge more, but don’t want to charge more not to scare away buyers, but once you get one you want to make them pay more? So confused.

If you need to raise a price for a specific order, you can either initially send a custom offer with higher price or add an extra in the process.
“Charging” a tip doesn’t really make anything for you, except adds another fee for the customer.


Yes, because the buyer pays a fee of $2 to make a $5 tip. Plus you pay Fiverr $1 for a $5 tip. I know because I just tipped a seller $5 recently and it cost me $7.


In addition to what has been advised, if you type “asking buyers for tips” in the search bar above and read the posts the general consensus is … Do not do it!


good point… I do think it is a pretty big fee though, i almost thought there was a mistake when i realized i only got $250 … from a $250 order and $50 fee

becouse its against the rules or becouse its bad for reviews and customers? Either way i wont

This sort of shady suggestion gives Fiverr a bad name. Please don’t do it.

All the fees are clearly explained when you sign up to Fiverr.

It is the buyer’s choice whether to tip or not.

Don’t make your buyer feel uncomfortable by suggesting such a thing.

If I had bought a gig from you and you suggested this, I would be very unhappy. I would be tempted to mark down my overall feedback based on poor customer service.

Terrible idea.


Just being honest here, if I were a buyer and a
seller requested what you are asking, I would probably decline and report the situation.

Something attracted a buyer to your gig, maybe it was the description, the title, or the price. Let’s say it was the price, then suddenly they are asked to pay an additional fee, do you think most buyers would be happy with this surprise increase?


The easiest way of not getting a tip from me is by asking for it.

It’s been well explained why not only it wouldn’t be a good idea but also wouldn’t work the way you wanted, even if the buyer were to agree and tip you.

I’d just like to add that’s not up to the buyer to cover any fees you may incur. Back when I started freelancing and would use PayPal they’d have a 6.99% fee, so I’d simply factor that into my prices.

And that’s what you’d have to do too. It’s as simple as dividing it by 0.8. So if you want to get $20 for a particular order your base price should be 25 (20/0.8). You’d be getting exactly what you wanted without having to resource to shady practices.


oof maybe i should update this so people stop responding lol