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Evaluation date and 60 days confusion

Hi everyone,

A little introduction about me. I joined Fiverr on 28th Aug 2020. Got my first order on 4th Sep and since then I have completed 54 orders with 44 total reviews. All 5 star.

I wasn’t promoted to level one on 15th Oct as I didn’t complete 60 days but the rest was green.

Coming to my question. Now I have met all the requirements for promotion. 60 days have passed yayyy! Suppose I get a negative rating on 65th day or 82nd day, and this drops my overall rating to 4.4 and it stays there until next evaluation date (15th Nov), will I be promoted to level one or no?

In this example I was at 5.0 rating from 28th Aug to 28th Oct, but 4.4 rating from 29th Oct to 15th Nov.


You need to have all positive rating and all requirements filled Exactly at a time of evaluation

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Thank you for the clarification. One last thing.

54 completed orders
44 reviews (5 stars)
Overall rating of 5.0

Based on the above stats, if there is a 1 star negative review, what will my overall rating be?

If you have broken any requirements before the 15th you will not be promoted. And Based on the above stars, if there is a 1-star negative review, It going to 4.9 stars.

You just need to calculate your “average” in percentage. So you can just google how to calculate “an average” and put your numbers into the formula :wink:

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Thanks. This helps a lot