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Evaluation Date is coming


Hopefully next evaluation is coming on 14th of Jan because fiverr had given 60 days to all Sellers.

Now what if you have one or more orders cancelled after 15th of Nov (60 days back from Jan, 14). There is a slight calculations for this according to Order completion rate formula. The minimum number of orders completed in order to stay at 90% order completion rate are:

  • 1 Cancellation then you must have at least 10 orders completed before next evaluation date
  • 2 Cancellations then you must have at least 20 orders completed before next evaluation date
  • 3 Cancellations them you must have at least 30 orders completed before next evaluation date

And so on …

If you will not meet this target then your order completion rate will fall and you will lose your level, So focus on this if you have any cancellation.

Best of luck :smiley:


Man, this is scary. One just needs to be very careful with buyers


Hey, What will happen with a new member? Who opened their account after 15th November??


Some buyers do not read the description, or ask for a custom offer but then give directions for something completely different that is not even offered, or just say they “changed their mind” or someone else ordered unknown to them, and it is no fault at all of the seller.Would it not be more fair to allow the seller the choice if he/she wants to work with the buyer, or disregard cancellations that are mistakes or 'mind changes" by the buyer? How can we as sellers best handle this?
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I lost my level. What do i do now?


This math is wrong as I have 3 cancellation (2 of them from same buyer who ordered without reading gig) and deliver more than 30 orders after cancellations but the
Order Completion Rate is still same.

I think it just increases when the 60 days end after a cancellation.


Only 25 days to go. Should we have a countdown to doomsday?


This Formula is for last 60 days and if nothing is changing in your case then you need to contact CS for this because this a bug .

The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, so it would be ((A-B)/A)*100 …, where as

A= Total number of orders completed
B= Number of cancellations

It is simple , If you have good maths then you can check it by yourself or you are not doing correct calculation.


Does anyone have any idea that at what interval there’ll be evaluations? I.e. after 15th January, what will be the next evaluation date?


Every 60 days. Top Rated Sellers get evaluated every 30 days unless that is changed now.


I m not sure about it but logically it would be till 11:59 PM of 14th of Jan because from 12 AM date would be changes to 15th of Jan.


Hi, I just checked, and received this reply from Fiverr Team:
Gio | Team Lead (Fiverr Customer Support)
Dec 20, 8:55 PM IST

Hi Blondey,

Thank you for contacting us about this matter. In regards to the Levels system after the January 15th evaluation. Sellers accounts will be evaluated every month.


What will be the advantages of poor sellers :(:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: