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Good luck everyone !!

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Wow,Now I am level-1 Seller
Now I am level one
Just Received My Level 2 Badge!
Finally, I reached level 1!

The new evaluation system has kinda grown on me. I was skeptical when it started but now I can say with confidence that it was a good idea especially making the “Delivered On Time” stat matter. Before it felt like something that was just there but now it actually has a valid function.


I thought DOT stats always had a great value :wink: A key factor for gig rank in search. If I’m not wrong we are on a year anniversary of St. Level’s Day! Last year I had around $600’s cancellation. In 2018 it’s below $100. The new level system showed a good impact on my business style!!


funny thing is that I even forgot about it , it didn’t affect me at all which is great :slight_smile: It’s definitely a way of separating the sellers that really care about their job and the ones that are offering poor services


OUCH!! Sometimes it is not poor service, sometimes it is because not everyone knows how to positively manipulate the systems we need to understand to get the word out about what we do and other reasons. For example, myself, I don’t know yet how to manipulate social media to my advantage. I’m sure I will soon as I am trying to educate myself through webinars, youtube videos etc.

I just think assuming it is because of poor service (a generalisation) is a little harsh. However, there are of course some that simply give poor service, just don’t generalise it, that’s not fair.


And what a year it has been. Happy St. Level’s Day anniversary!

Yeah, that’s what I like about it. Sellers now have to communicate better to avoid cancellations and not resort to cancellations every time something goes slightly wrong.


I’m sorry if that’s what you understood


Do you mean the new evaluation system? :thinking:


i don’t care about the evaluation…don’t matter, i’ll loose or gain the Level …because fiverr is focusing on “PRO” guys only…


Yeah, sorry for the confusion.


I’m eligible to be promoted to Level One but still haven’t gotten the badge yet. Does anyone else have the same problem?


Just wait until the 16th. Hopefully your level gets updated by then. @richard_72


It sucks being demoted to level 1, I had 14 gigs, now I had to pause 4 gigs. What I’m pausing is income opportunities. Fiverr is basically telling me they want to make less money, they forget they get 20% of what I make.

This is the only company in the world where making less money is a virtue.


Well, actually, Fiverr is saying, “we want you to maintain high standards.” They even provide you a real-time listing of those standards, and where your account resides in relation to those standards. Being demoted to Level 1 because you fell below one or more of those standards, is not a punishment, it’s an opportunity to rethink, rework, and redevelop your Fiverr freelance strategies so that you can work your way back above those standards.

Fiverr wants every seller to be successful, and I’m sure they want as much income as possible (via their 20%). I’m sorry to hear that you fell down a level. Look at this as an opportunity to refocus your business in relation to whatever metrics dropped you down a level, and then roar back into Level 2 in January. :slight_smile:


I have little doubt on this… If they wanted to every seller to be successful then why they are Promoting “Newbie Pro guys” only. Even newbie pro members didn’t contributed in fiverr profits as 20%. They are promoting and giving Extra advantages in hope only.!!


Every standard seller is promoted or demoted equally, based entirely upon their ability to maintain the metrics listed in their analytics. Every new Pro Seller is a newbie within the services that Fiverr gives them the Pro badge to represent.

Yes, they do. All sellers share 20% of the earnings from their orders with Fiverr. This is universal to all sellers here on Fiverr, no matter what seller level or badge they possess.

No. Standard sellers are promoted/demoted based on their ability to maintain Fiverr’s clearly listed seller standards. Pro Sellers and Top Rated Sellers are personally selected by Fiverr because they are top-quality (according to Fiverr’s vetting process).

Yes, the higher you are promoted/vetted, the more advantages you have. This is fair, and appropriate. Don’t worry about what YOU don’t have… focus on what you do have, and how you can be the best seller within your current seller level/badge.


You have a good point there.
We all have the same metrics to try to live up to. I find it’s not hard to do unless it’s the cancellations which we have absolutely no control over in most cases.

No one should complain about any of them aside from that one. Don’t be late, and answer messages promptly. Do good enough work and have good enough customer relations that almost all your clients are happy.

I find it strange that any seller would need to be forced to answer messages promptly or deliver orders on time.


Got Level 2 after long journey of one year


May be i should tell you to relax, i got mine about three hours ago. wish you all the best!


Congratulations… But i’ve not gotten any level yet. Why it’s very tough?