Evaluation discussions - JUNE 2018


My “Delivered on Time” hanging at 89% since last 3 days, no improvement even after delivering 5 orders ON TIME. So, going to Level1.


I dropped to level one at previous evaluation because of not delivering some projects ontime but now when i am delivered all the projects on time still my delivery rate remains the same…CS says that evaluation will be done after 60 days…but dropping of rates was done based on my 30 days work performance then why it will take 60 days to improve it…I really don’t understand this system at all and so disappointed by Fiverr.


Me too :slight_smile:
I hope i get promoted today too


hahaha yes it also happened with me before evaluation many people want to cancel orders etc etc


Hi fiverr,
Can anyone tell me when fiverr evaluation(Promotion/Demotion) takes place according to Pakistan time?


waiting for my LEVEL 1 Badge today… all requirement are completed



hope for the best for future…

enjoy level#1 perks…


Congrats, look forward for more buyer requests as well.


Same here! Much excited :smiley:


I was a TRS since 2011 and sadly I lost it in 7 months ago.
But again waiting for the TRS badge today…


At what time evaluation will be done?


It will start after 2 hrs from now.


YES me too but still not… i can’t waiting now my lvl 1 badge.


God knows when im going to be on at level one .


One Day Insha Allah…


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Today, I will get nominated for TRS first time :thinking: But After the read others members feedback here - I’m not sure, they will award me TRS level!!. :crossed_fingers:


Even if everything is green and over 90, will a 30 day TOS warning still keep me away from a level promotion?


Yes everything should be green, including TOS warning point


Yes, you’ll away from that, If any TOS warning showing in your account!!