Evaluation discussions - JUNE 2018


hahaha yes it also happened with me before evaluation many people want to cancel orders etc etc


Hi fiverr,
Can anyone tell me when fiverr evaluation(Promotion/Demotion) takes place according to Pakistan time?


waiting for my LEVEL 1 Badge today… all requirement are completed



hope for the best for future…

enjoy level#1 perks…


Congrats, look forward for more buyer requests as well.


Same here! Much excited :smiley:


I was a TRS since 2011 and sadly I lost it in 7 months ago.
But again waiting for the TRS badge today…


At what time evaluation will be done?


It will start after 2 hrs from now.


YES me too but still not… i can’t waiting now my lvl 1 badge.


God knows when im going to be on at level one .


One Day Insha Allah…


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Today, I will get nominated for TRS first time :thinking: But After the read others members feedback here - I’m not sure, they will award me TRS level!!. :crossed_fingers:


Even if everything is green and over 90, will a 30 day TOS warning still keep me away from a level promotion?


Yes everything should be green, including TOS warning point


Yes, you’ll away from that, If any TOS warning showing in your account!!


When will I get my Level 1 badge? :grin::grin::grin:
So much curious :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


EVALUATION HAS STARTED. i got automated notification 1 min. ago. “You have been nominated for TRS Level we will review your account and update you within 48 hours.”

I’m getting this notification 6th time. - Regular from January 2018. I’m feeling bore to this notification message :pensive: it’s annoying :smile:

If fiverr are not going to make us TRS then why they are giving us hope every month!! - THIS IS SAD - This is like “slapping on our face with notify” :blush:

I’m taking this nomination notification as SPAM MESSAGE


Same here.
I do not want to be nominated 6 times to TRS, if it is clear that I will never be a TRS!
What happened with the Fiverr communication, what happened with the “soft skills” over the last years?
Fiverr lost the “smile in the face” that Fiverr had years ago…