Evaluation discussions - September 2018


Second level till the rest of my life here perhaps… Even though my all ratings are 100%


Celebrating Lvl 2, finally, after issues with TOS and Order Completion Rate.

And the next goal already arising on the horizon… walking towards it bravely :smiley:

Cheers! T


There’s been a couple times clients didn’t like the work but typically it’s because they didn’t describe what they wanted and often I give unlimited revisions to make it right. I’ve had a couple times late projects but with a lot of repeat customers they’re understanding, especially since sometimes its late because they sit on it for days at a time before getting back to me.


Sadly, I’m in the same boat…


This is me. I have way more than 9 messages in a month. But no one at fiverr will help me on this.


I’ve been demoted every month because of the response time which is directly related to spam messages. This has completely killed my Fiverr business, which is too bad because now I am looking for other online avenues after I created a $10K Fiverr business with over 500 reviews all being 5 stars. I’m very disappointed as spam messages are out of my control so if I don’t respond to them after they have been reported to Fiverr customer support then I am punished and it’s incredibly unfair as that is not my fault. If Fiverr doesn’t want to help me grow and make money from me, then I have no other choice but to look for another online platform to sell my digital goods. It’s too bad and I really hope Fiverr executives are listening to every one’s feedback. Feel free to take a look at FIverr business to see for yourself. I was a Level 2 seller 2-3 months after I starting selling on Fiverr back in 2014. Since the new roll out of this evaluation program I made less than $300, if that says anything.

Here’s to hoping the response rate is either lowered or removed from the monthly evaluation.


P.S. If anyone from Fiverr would like to contact me for additional feedback/suggestions regarding this program or anything online I am very open to providing my (factual) experiences with you. The Minnesota Fiverr Community can also reach out to me since I met with them a few years ago and did the same.


It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to “help you grow and make money”. That is YOUR responsibility, and you pay Fiverr 20% of any profits you make while using their website platform to do so.


I’m glad that strategy works for you. The work I do is so subjective some clients won’t be happy even with 5 revisions. That’s why I offer 0 to 1 revisions, depending on the gig.


I reach level 2 seller on 15 August … August was an amazing month for me , I had more that 10 great orders , but once september enter, I’m still Level 2 seller but only few orders with low prices !!!
getting level 2 supposed having more clients and orders then level 1 , bet it’s seem level 1 was good :confused:
anyone like me ?


I know! There’s this psychic who’s been here for ever. She is the OG of Psychics on Fiverr back in the day who used to be TRS and now she’s level two I was SHOOK.


Yes but you should remove her name from here, use stars instead.

I noticed that, no one is spared. She still does better than anyone so I doubt it has even affected her.

One of the other psychics who was always listed first has been banned. In fact several are gone.


Which ones? Could you hint me lol
My readings[quote=“misscrystal, post:119, topic:276055, full:true”]
One who had a Kabbala spell. Gone.

The one slayer dude is gone I think, also the girl with purple hair


One who had a Kabbala spell. Gone. Also one who copied my popular gig and refused to remove it, gone. Oh the sweet one?


Yeah I’ve had Psychics copy my description word-from-word - they’re gone now. Yeah like Violet or something - never met her but a client of mine used to work with her.


I miss the old Fiverr. Back in the day I didn’t have to worry about my placement moving around because I was always at the top of the page lol. Thumbs up system and everything.


Amazing that some could be here longer than I’ve been here, and had popular gigs, always listed first, and they are gone. I always was looking at their gigs and hearing of how they did business, just that feeling, as a psychic you know what I mean.


Yeah I know what you mean. But that’s life. Some years down the road when I finish up law school I gotta call it quits too. That’s a part of life :pensive:


I know but you are genuinely good at what you do here. I do feel in your case it is a real gift.

Actually two who had copied my gigs are gone.

A psychic, who has that natural gift, will have a way of sort of blowing my mind at some point. Things will come out that make me realize it.


Thank you! You are awesome too. It’s weird to think that I will eventually close up my Fiverr someday - I’m on it everyday. I’ll feel like a part of me is missing lol.
I started Fiverr when I was 18 and I’m turning 24 in a couple of months. Time really flies.


On 15th of September I was Nominated for TRS level for the 6th time but still didn’t get the TRS level
I m hopeful that I will get TRS soon or even in next evaluation :grinning: