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i Want to know my delivery rate is 83% how many orders will fulfill the gap or 7% ??
If someone help?
I have 2 orders in a queue.


how many orders will fulfill the gap

It depends on the number of orders you have had (or will have by the 15th) over the last 60 days.


i have completed almost 6 orders and 2 in queue after the late delivery. and its my first order which is late.


1 is 12.5% of 8
1 is 11.11% of 9
1 is 10% of 10

You need to deliver 90% of orders on time in the last 60 days to maintain level 1/level 2 (“on time delivery percentage” >=90).
So your percentage of late deliveries can’t be more than 10%.

So if you had 10 orders (total) in the last 60 days, with 1 of them being a late delivery in the last 60 days, you would be okay (for maintaining level 1/level 2).


sure thanks…