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Evaluation March 15, 2019, 00:00 GMT


The evaluation should have taken place by now, or, am I missing something?!!!


Any messages related to promotion/demotion will probably take up to 24 hours to appear I think as well as the promotion/demotion. Or at least they will likely take a certain number of hours even if the evaluation calculation is based around the specified date & time


It usually happens for some on the 15th.


Oh, I see! man, I was so excited about it, first time hitting Level One ^^ guess, I will wait


Exactly, you wrote it yourself, evaluations done by 12 am GMT time.
As I’m aware it’s still not 12 even 12pm for GMT.


It’s 01:11 Friday, 15 March 2019 GMT. So technically the evaluation should have happened but it really takes longer, but the calc may be based on 00:00 15 March GMT.


Yep at night. 12am that just passed was for the 14th of March.


I mean hypothetically, if you had a script that was scheduled to start at 15th March at 00:00 GMT (eg. a script to do the monthly evaluation), it should have started by now because that was around 1 hours 30 mins ago. But it really probably takes longer (maybe it takes hours to run even if it did start then) and may not really start at the time they specify.


Do anyone get Promotion/demotion? i am still waiting


Are you in a rush?

That’s going to happen anyway during the day (even if the day will be already over at your place)

It’s been more than a year this system is in place and it happens on the 15th anyway just in different time for different time zones.


No i was just excited as i am new seller here, Thanks For your reply


Waiting for it :heart_eyes:


Here, it happened on
March 15th, 2pm gmt
So, it took about 12 hours after the specified time of evaluation!

Good luck to you all


No promotion for me. Still on day 107 out of 120, was unable to find a way to speed up the clock in time!!! :smiley:
Congrats for anyone who leveled up!


no level up…