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Evaluation on the 15th?


So what would I be expecting on the 15th ? :slightly_frowning_face:


February 15th?
I usually get some cards marked “Return to Sender” but I dunno what you will be getting.

Aaaaand it happens again

A great answer!
15s are innumerable.

For me, expecting the release of an American fantasy series on Feb 15


No Idea!

As for me, I was given a surprise :gift: cause I’m special! :smiley:



What’s on the 15th?


I don’t know but the fiverr app says my next evaluation is on the 15th



Only you know what you expect.

Is now everybody creating an individual topic about the 15th?
Get’s a little messy out here.


What are you doing on the 15th Mario? :nail_care:?


I get demoted and when I get one order I get promoted the next time.

Seriously, I decided to do what I did years ago. I will leave Fiverr for what it is, but keep my gigs up. I receive an e-mail when somebody contacts me for a custom offer anyway.


Let’s see what’s gonna happen! Fingers Crossed!