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Evaluation time: bug or not?

Hello, Is this a bug or they do it manually and there is a delay?
The evaluation time ends at February 15th and there is 16th on the whole Earth and I still have this:


Huh, I’m TRS as well and mine has also stuck at Feb 15th.

It happened a few times before. The latest it got for me was the evening of the 16th once or twice. Technically, they do evaluate TRS manually according to the email they’ve sent over the summer.


Yeah Fiverr might be working on some new updates. hold your breathe. Evaluation will be notify asap.

Thanks, I think that’s the reason, I am TRS too and I have seen people who were on lvl 1 and now on lvl 2. So this is probably done automatically, while TRS manually.

Same here. And going by that email, TRS evaluations should keep them quite busy.

I’m level 2, but my evaluation is also stuck.
But I think last month it was also changed on late night on 16th :thinking:


If it’s a bug, it’s for sure the most annoying one yet. Unnecessary stress all-around.

I think it is for TRSs and Level 2 sellers who have completed the requirements and they take a look manually.

Exactly, a lot of unnecessary stress.

If this is true, that’s a lot of work. Level 2 is quite popular.

Ok, now it’s officially the longest it took.
It’s already evening 17th here and my evaluation still didn’t happen.
Not that it will change something but it would’ve been great to know that I can relax for another month and cancel orders if I need to without worrying to lose a level.

I got my evaluation on 16 th from level 2 to TRS…

but the next evaluation date has not changed…

I guess they are doing some changes… as I got a notification that one of my gig’s category was also changed to an new one…

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Morning on the 17th here. Still no change.

I’m debating on either letting it go and perceive it as a good thing or contact CS in case they have any information or advice that doesn’t involve clearing the cache.

You mean you went from Level 2 to TRS but it still says “Next evaluation Feb 15th” on your profile?

yes… it’s what it says on the app… :slight_smile:

“Next evaluation Feb 15th”

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Hmmm. Must be a bug then. It’s a bit strange that just a few people are reporting this but maybe no one cares about the dates as long as they survive the 15th.

Congrats on becoming TRS!


Thank you…

Could be a bug or they are doing some changes… Even buyer request updates seems a bit slow… to me…

Well. It’s officially March 15th for me now.

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Yes, me too. I hope it won’t be a recurring thing.

Mine was done this morning of the 17th.
We have another thread on this subject: