Even 20% taken from my tip?


I never had problems in getting orders and got a lot of them, more then I could manage, thus, I’ve set my status on vacation mode. But the biggest reason was, because I work hard and then fiverr takes 20% of my earnings? Elsewhere it is just 10% and if you work a lot this makes a big difference. And now I discovered, that fiverr takes even their 20% from my tip??
That is really greedy from fiverr, thus I stop my work here and work with other platforms.
Lucky Fiverr that so many people are happy with 80%.


Everywhere else you have to bid. Here, people come to you. The tip–AKA FREE MONEY–is 20% as not having a % would allegedly increase buyer/seller fraud, as sellers would want to get paid in tips.

If you hate it that much, you don’t need to work here. You’re literally moaning about free money for a job well done. Look at the bigger picture of what Fiverr offers you.




If you can’t see the value in that 20% you should definitely go and make your money elsewhere.
Here’s a tip without any fees - check the real cost of other sites first.


Take it or leave it.


Fiverr trolls for tips on your behalf, and rewards you with 80% of their take. Like many other talent, the idea of asking for a tip makes me feel grubby. Fiverr gets dirty for you. Thank you, Fiverr!


Tips are nice, I like it when I get tipped.

A funny thing though. I had a $35 order turn to $42 after a $7 tip, but the total revenue from that is $28.00 as against a $40 order that gives a $32 revenue.

I guess it makes sense to add an extra for a tip or to create a tip Gig.


You’re the one being greedy. Do you pay a membership fee to be here? No. Those 0%-10% places CHARGE membership fees, they aren’t free, many aren’t flexible so you can’t do what you want. The CEO of one site even fought me for wanting to refund an order, he said I was making his site look bad. The very next day I deleted my account.

Fiverr has a TON of traffic. Even if you’re only making $30 a day, that’s $900 a month. You’re going to tell me you can’t afford to pay 20% of that to Fiverr? You want to lose $820 because Fiverr needs money to pay customer service, buy Facebook ads, IT people, etc?


Nailed it.


You got $28 + $5.60 in another order. When you get a tip it is shown as a new order on your revenue page.


Bye Bye


There is a high probability that you will be back after few months. Don’t bang your door hard when going out…u might be back sooner than you think…


Not sure how that works, see this screenshot > http://screencast.com/t/Wba4b5jqVc
So the ‘blue’ is the revenue from the tip right?


Thats is absolutely deserving fee . You do not have to pay anything to work here . Fiverr ask the buyer for the tip on each order just for you . So if you pay to google for the traffic then u will get to know what you are saying about this platform . Fiverr gives you alot of traffic, views and explore everything for you and you are not the only one who are having 20 percent deduction . Everyone pays this percentage on each order . you should first read the policy and terms of this website before coming here . So dont worry everything will be fine . Just focus on work . and do great job you will be happy


For every gig I book, I have to pay a processing fee in addition to the gig cost, and I know that each talent has to pay a portion of what they charge to Fiver. However, when it comes to tips, for me, it’s really just to say Thank You to them. Now, I’m certainly not going to give a 20% tip to Fiverr. They didn’t do the ‘work’ and they have already been compensated.

When I go to restaurants or the hair salon, my tips go 100% to the person. The establishment doesn’t take a penny. The hairdresser is a private contractor that work their own hours, but do get to keep their own tips.

Fiver states that they charge a tip commission to prevent abuse. Well, I don’t really understand why that is, but let’s say there is abuse, I’m sure Fiver could allow up to the first $50 to be commission free, so that these hard working people get a little something extra. I’m sure they already have to pay taxes on it.

I would be happy to pay the card processing fee just so that they get 100% of their tip. They deserve it.

Well, I’m certainly not a math whiz, but I do know that 20% of nothing is still nothing and unfortunately, and until the rules change, my only tip to Fiver is: change the rules.


“Great work! Now, I’d love to tip you, but my principles and new math logic mean that I can’t, as I don’t want to give Fiverr 20%. Welp, guess you can’t enjoy that 80% too. But great work! My compliments and principles pay the bills”