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Even after 6 months my gigs are at last page without any reason

okay so i have been on Fiverr from almost 1 year. The start was great. I got orders i promoted to level 1 then level 2, my reputation was/is great and my all customers were/are satisfied with my services.

There were no late deliveries, a total of 4 order cancellation happened that too in 10 months (not all in a single month or within 60 days etc), my response rate was the best and my reviews were/are excellent.

In short, everything was perfect and one day (on 7th November 2019) My all gigs were pushed to the last page. Ever since i tried each and everything, i read all the discussions going on here, i watched youtube videos, i did change titles, tags, description with high ranked keywords etc and i contacted customer service many times but nothing was fruitful.

From customer service all i got was an automated reply stating that we cannot disclose the cause, its not in our hands bla bla bla… but one member from CS told me that “your gig will remain there no matter how many times you will change those tags and titles, it will come back to its place on its time” And that was something different which i never heard or read anywhere and it gave me the impression that it was intentional. Fiverr intentionally pushed those gigs on last pages.

Anyhow, all these months I’m lucky i have great clients here and they keep coming back to me for more work and despite being at last page i was going good. But now it’s just getting out of hand. It’s been almost 6 months and my gigs didn’t even change their place by 1 gig and it’s really frustrating specially when you are doing good and still treated like this.

So please let me know what should i do now?

And those who had the similar experience, after how many months (or i should say years) you guys got your gig back on track?

Thank You!

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