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Even I wrote to Customer Support, can I ask the Buyer to cancel the order?

I wrote to Customer Support because Buyer didn’t answer me, even he placed the order with no requirements and information.
He wanted to have my mail in order to continue with the order, which is against Terms of Service.
Time is running out!
When I can have the solution from Customer Service? Does this affects to my response rate, if I don’t deliver the order?
Please waiting for your suggestions.

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If the buyer doesn’t mention anything in the gigs requirement. Then the countdown will not start till then.

How is that possible?

He mention words(to write mail to him from his site) but no requirements.

I think you already received a great insight from @lenasemenkova and others on your other same topic.


You can do both but if the buyer doesn’t respond to your messages, contacting CS directly would be a better option.

Also, no one on the forum can make CS (or your buyer) respond faster.


The Buyer responded me just today, he is telling will send within today information. But the order is with status Late, it should be delivered since yesterday! I asked to the Buyer to postpone delivery date, but i have still no anser!
What you suggest me to do.
Thank you in advance @lenasemenkova

@lenasemenkova @mariashtelle1
Finally the Buyer postponed the delivery date :slight_smile:

The timer doesn’t start until the Requirements are filled in unless you haven’t made them mandatory.

You can ask them. Idk if it will work

Here’s the explanation, the buyer did write something as requirements, but it wasn’t the necessary information: Order without instruction and information, what to do?