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Even More Scammers?

Another scammer -.-

“How are you?
i would like to offer you a quick and simple job;
which will not take more than 5min from your time, for an offer of 15$ ,
i know it is not align with any of your services but it is really easy, quick and profitable job,
the job is signing up for my referral URL, of course it is 100% legal
the URL contain a sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPhone
the only thing that i can’t do it my self because if so, then it will consider as illegal
so i need real persons to sign up for my referral link
that is the idea
and all you have to do is just signing up, when you sign up for my URL i will earn commission
for every single sign up, so you win and i win,
in the sign up page as shown in the link below:
you will be require to submit you mail,
then in the second page you will be require to enter the credit card
in order to charge 5kr … of course NOT your own credit card
i will provide you a prepaid card with a charge of 1$ in order to use in the sign up process
and that is all then the job is done…
it will not take more than 5min
to release the 15$ for you
how it sound for you ?
any question would be so welcome”

I’ve gotten like 3 of these messages since I started fiverr.

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It looks like a phishing scam. Be sure to report this to CS.


Rofl. It sounds very legit to me. :joy: :bomb:


Please blue the user name and image.
Calling a user is against Forum Rules.

Oh really? Why is that?

Read the rules :wink: you will know why :slight_smile:

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Please remove the link :smiley: It’s redirecting me to some unnecessary place :thinking:

, You can report his msg, and report to support.
For now please Blur the user name & image.


Sorry, forgot about it. I updated the screenshot.

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He also did a order to make sure i would check out the website.