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Even though i provided no revisions buyers are still able to ask for revision

Hey everyone!I just want to know that in 1 of my gig I provided no revisions but buyers are still able to ask me for revision. 2 of the buyers have asked me to do revision. I did revision for 1 of them and currently doing for 1 other but I don’t want this to happen again with me as to avoid any spam. Can you please tell me how is this possible? As I have not provided any revisions in my gig. Link to that gig of mine is

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You can post link to your gigs only in my fiverr i category.

Clients can request as many revision through the system as they want.
However it’s up to you to tell them that revisions are not included in your order and send them a custom offer for x$

Oh, I never knew this before. Thank you