Eventhough someone bought my Gigs, still the number of Views for my Gigs are indicated as zero


I just started making sales on Fiverr and delivered 2 orders on 2 different Gigs. But still the number of views for those 2 Gigs are shown to me as Zero.

These are the 2 Gigs that the buyer ordered.



How could this be possible? Is this some kind of error in Fiverr or what? Please tell me what you think.



this problem is with everyone … view counter is freezed up from months


There is a but with view counter, Don’t worry about it.


View counter doesn’t work from many months: Customer Support confirmed this fact, so I think Fiverr staff is working on this…


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Same for me. Even i had some orders on a couple of gigs the views counter indicates 0, zero, zip, nada, zilch… nothing. It`s a fiverr bug, or something like this…


Nekorb si retnuoc


There is a bug with the view counter.


there is a problem in counter. so don’t concentrate on it.


Just ignore the view counter. You can still get orders while your views remain zero. All the best. :)>-