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Ever had a buyer get upset because you didn't notice the post-delivery revision request they sent?

When a buyer comments on an order after the order is delivered, have that event trigger an alert on the seller’s to-do list. Here’s why: Buyer comments post delivery are one thing that can easily be missed. Often buyers ask for a review or modification of a delivered job without selecting the “Request Modification” or “Reject” button. I’m not sure why they do that, but they often do. When this happens though, there is no alert on the todo list, so the modification might be delayed or missed altogether. I have read on other fiverr boards that this has caused communication break-downs and frustration to buyers, sometimes leading to negative feedback. No one wants that. So, does anyone else think that would help? And, if so, how do we let the right people know about this?

They should include which orders have a gig extras on the list before any of that. The only way in which you can easily (and it is not that easy) see which orders have gig extras without having to click each individual order is through the ‘sales’ interface.

I think I follow you Ryan, and I can see how that would be helpful as well. I tend to work through the to-do list in order 95% of the time. It’s nice to have a place to organize the workflow. The only problem I have, is when you deliver an order that’s usually the end of my work on that job. I don’t think about it again except in the 5 or so % of the time that a buyer “Rejects” or “Requests Modification.” In those cases, the order is returned to my to-do list with the original deadline re-activated. That works great, as I always promise to fix any errors “before I do another job.” That let’s the buyer have confidence that I am making his job a priority, and returning it to the to-do list helps me as a seller, manage and honor my commitments. Everybody wins.

The problem occurs when the buyer, after delivery, and before final review, decides to ask for their modification by making a note in the dialogue box, instead of hitting the “reject” button. (btw, I think some people feel the word “REJECT” is unduly harsh and intimidating, so) decide a simple note is more friendly)…anyway, by doing so, their request never makes it back to the to-do list.

Bottom line is…it might be useful to treat every post-delivery comment from a buyer as we would an inbox message.

not to be ignored

It would be better if we could still see the number of TO DO’s.

I agree with that too Claudio. It was very convenient.

I know that most of my ideas have already been discussed elsewhere but I would like to see:

  1. The to-do list number must go back up for my sanity
  2. The name of the gig that the seller ordered should be on the to-do list
  3. A complete timer countdown, perhaps by hours, on the to-do list instead of just the days
  4. Drag and drop capability to organize the list in other ways beside time countdown
  5. An activity search bar on the to-do list page

    Carrie :slight_smile:

Have you ever had a buyer get upset after they sent you a post-delivery revision request that you never saw?

I must say, sometimes I dont get notification or something when buyers comments on order page.

Some buyers doesnt want to hit modification, and I respect that. They need just something small to make so they dont hit modification. And they comment on order, but notification isnt there.

Next thing what is problem, like you all said. When you have alot of orders to make, lets say you go to bed and you wake up and see 10 new orders. All of them are notification, but how should we know if someone comments on order page before that 10 orders. I mean that could be on second or 3rd page of notifications. So we should scroll down every time on notifications? No I dont think so.

So yeah. This really needs to be in to do list like you said.

Reply to @carrieblogger: Carrie this is perfect! Now, if only we could get Fiverr to listen to you;)

Arty, you stated the problem perfectly. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s inevitable unless the programmers fix that hole.

Yes. Additionally, I have to actually click the icons for them to update with information. Whatever they’ve done is really giving me a headache.

Well, it looks like the fiverr tech team has been working hard to make things better. Did anyone else notice the new functionality with to-do list? I’ve started to use it right away. I was on my iPhone and received an inbox message from a person asking for my demo, which I couldn’t send them right away because I was on my iPhone, so I just added it to my fiverr to-do list and voila… that task will be there on my fiverr to-do list to remind me when I get back to the studio. Thanks for listening fiverr!!!