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Ever had your gig relegated from first page to last page? How did you recover?

Hello Sellers,

I’m bringing this up to share insight from sellers who have experienced my current situation. 8 months ago, I had all my gigs dumped from first page to last page and since then I’ve been languishing in rock bottom pages.

As a result of this unjust situation, I barely received orders from new buyers and the little I earn have come mostly from returning customers. I tried to give it time hoping things would get better but sadly, nothing has changed for the past 8 months.

Mind you, I’ve been a seller for 6 years now working earnestly to bring value to the marketplace but what do I get in return? I thought Fiverr rewards hard work but unfortunately, that isn’t the case right now with the mysterious algorithm dumping old sellers in rock bottom pages and forget them there.

Even with the struggle, I still managed to reach the TRS threshold this month (awaiting the monthly evaluation) but I’m worried with the way things are currently going. My finance has suffered badly from this situation. Though I understand that gig ranking fluctuates but my case is different. I see gigs without any reputation doing well in search results. I see sellers with no rating whatsoever rank in first page but this algorithm let my gigs suffer in the last page yet without any sign of recovery.

If you ask me how I’ve been surviving, I’d say it’s been the grace of God. Initially I decided not to bother CS, but I couldn’t bare it anymore so I contacted them 3 weeks ago. Guess what; I got a bot response and my ticket was closed. I believe Fiverr is already telling me something and it is left to me to understand it and make a decision.
Thank you for reading.


Same. I started selling in 2012 or so. My gigs dropped to last pages after editing them last December, so about a year from now. Though in the last couple of weeks I’ve again seen improvement, and new people have been sending messages. Order queue jumped from 0-3 orders to closer to 20, but now it’s again declining slowly, only one new message or order daily usually from a new buyer (But it’s still better than zero, so I’m thankful). Last time this happened in March when my gigs were being recommended for a week or two, after which they were yeeted back to last pages, so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.

But I don’t know where my gigs are located as I’ve given up looking their placements. It’s very disheartening to see lots gigs on last pages that are among even top-5 reviewed gigs everytime I visited there. Not sure why they want to hide their best selling gigs.

As for bot responses, I’ve seen the opposite. I used to get bot responses, but lately I’ve seen unique responses only where the support person is actually trying to be helpful, and I’ve learned a lot about why gigs are on last pages thanks to them (I’ve made a few posts about it for anyone interested).

But what they still haven’t managed to explain is why the sorting options are the same. Best selling sorting showing recommended gigs in many categories (Random selection), and Recommended selection also showing random selection.

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Or buyers?

Just a quick question: When was the last time you made a change to your gig?

The same problem facing. Waiting for fiverr solution.

I did that recently. I’ve tried several methods and nothing seems to be working.

It doesn’t seem like Fiverr is ready to do anything. I remember the first time this thing happened in 2019, I was getting tonnes of orders then went on a 3 weeks vacation, came back and my business never remained the same again. After 6 months of being in last page, I regained first page then went back after 1 months and forgotten for more than 8 months now.

First you need to stop updating your gig(s).
Second, don’t rely on a single platform that things would turn on their own.

I didn’t touch my gig… just feel didn’t receive new order or message. than see my all first pages gig last pages. How it’s possible, Fiverr support didn’t response me, why? This is my 2 years career, Not funny, how can i explain me I don’t know.

Then you need to touch your gig!
Upload fresh images to your gig gallery, change the description and then don’t touch your gig again. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I shouldn’t edit my gigs at all? If so, how long will I start seeing changes?

If that is the case, Fiverr will keep creating problems they might not be able to deal with. First of all, are they sure those new sellers are not people who abandoned their old accounts since Fiverr chose to promote new accounts?

Secondly, why does Fiverr chose inexperienced over experienced sellers? If it continues like this, people will start operating multiple accounts just to keep up with the system.

I cannot give you any assurance/confirmation as when you can start seeing the results. You need to stop editing your gig for at-least a month in order to analyse your gig performance. If you don’t see any positive impact then one thing is clear that this platform is not for you anymore.

Fiverr is happy seeing the growth of new users on their platform. When countries lift off restrictions completely and people return to work then Fiverr will see a drop in their users too. (this is expected)

70%-80% people are working from home at present. Fiverr and other freelancing platforms took the load when businesses were forced to shutdown due to this pandemic.

Don’t rely on a single platform. (my personal advise)

Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll follow your guide and see how it goes.

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