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Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips Part ONE [Closed to comments]

This topic series is the “home” for tips that have been often re-posted and don’t need a thread of their own. Tip posts that are a fit for this topic will be moved here and the user can still easily find their post on their forum profile page under Activity.

This is with the hope that sellers who want to post tips that are often repeated can still do so and be seen. It is also for those who may try a “practice” tip post when they are still new. Overall this thread will be used by the Moderators to store often-repeated tips. :slight_smile:



I had joined Fiverr a few months back. Initially after checking statistics, my gig had impressions but no views. I used to think I kept doing something wrong but within a week I had my first order and I worked really hard on it. I started sharing my gigs on social media and from that day things started to take off. I got a few pointers from my experience on how to make your gig stand out.
Hope this helps

Customer Service – Be Professional, polite and clear with your packages to your customers. Being prompt in responses in highly effective. A customer is more likely to book your gig amongst the rest of the potentials if you reply the quickest to his/her every inquiry.

Delivery Time – Try your best not to exceed your mentioned delivery time. If you have multiple orders, note that all customers are high priority. Manage your time effectively. Communicate with the customers on its development so he/she is aware on the progress.

Improve your gigs – Your gig may be exactly what a customer may be looking for. However, most customers (being a customer myself) look at the Main image of the gig. A customer is less likely to click on a gig with a blurry image or poor description. Edit your descriptions and make it more specific and clear so the buyer will not have the hassle of clearing matters once again via message before placing an order.

And lastly Promote yourself – Promote your gig on social media and Blogs for more buyer reach.


I love how you observed your analytics and then contextualized them for each gig. Awesome advice! Thanks. :smile:

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Really Cool advice. Thanks


Awesome advice… Thanks

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I am (@animator786 ), a Level 2 Seller.
I want to give some TIPs to the new who are mostly anxious about getting the order.
There are many which can attract a buyer to deal with you and assign his/her project to you.
First of all, You has to make ATTRACTIVE Gigs
For making attractive gigs, see the gigs and profiles of other sellers who are providing the same services.
Secondly, Write the description in your own words. Don’t copy other descriptions.
Thirdly, Don’t use the picture of that website who has to copy right issue because it can make you in trouble while denying of gig due to the Copyright problem.
Send offers to the relevant Buyer request. First, read the request description. If he wants services which are according to the services you provide then send an offer to him. Select professional words for sending buyer request because the First impression is the last Impression. If your words impressed the buyer, he will definitely contact you.
Good Luck


When I see a “tips” topic, all I think is tip :grin::dollar:


TIP is one of the exciting moment when get :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone I am Sara Khan , Graphic designer.
Today I am discussing the level One Basics.
For achieving status of Level One Seller following activities are complusory

10 gigs sold with positive ratings
Low cancellation rate

Getting a Level One badge unlocks features that can help you increase earnings such as:
Gigs: You can have up to 15 active Gigs
Multiples: Sell your Gigs in batches
Extra Fast: Deliver your Gigs sooner at a higher price
Custom order $5 up to $1500

Seller levels are intended to promote quality sellers and let buyers know how experienced a Fiverr seller is on the platform. Even though you might be a very experienced freelancer or entrepreneur offline, building up your seller level is important to making sure your experience translates to the Fiverr platform

For Level 2 seller Badge you need
2 months Activation
Complete 50 orders within 2 months
With excellent ratings
And low cancellation rate.

Thanks Questions in comments .


Following are the some key factor for the success on
1- Make your gig title short and authentic,which will express all about your creativity.
2- Your conversation with the customer should be effective and polite in good manner.
3- Use your creativity and avoid copyrights.
4- Stay online for the maximum time and reply messages on time.
5- Buyer request are also very effective for the new seller.

if seller will follow the following steps then nobody will stop his way to the success…

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I’m confused as to how we’re supposed to use this. Do we put tips in here (as some have done already) or do we raise new topics as usual and mods will close them if they already exist in here or move them here the first time they appear? Or something else entirely?


Sorry, I didn’t explain how the functionality works. Basically, we see a lot of repeat tips that are posted as new topics in the Tips categories. It makes it more difficult to find the original tips that are “cream of the crop” in spite of pins.

The moderators decided to create one single “Home” thread for tips that are often repeated by new or “practicing” users. The mods will move those tips into this one thread so that those posters can still be seen and read by other newbies or readers who may benefit. Non-newbies probably won’t need this thread much, unless you just want to read to see what are “practice tip posters” may be saying.

When a post is moved here, it appears as a new addition even if it was actually posted hours or days earlier. We will moderate it closely to remove anything that doesn’t belong. It’s just a storage facility. I hope that helps!


Follow the below step to increase your sells.

– Have a clear title that says what you do (e.g. I will write a winning Business Plan)
– Be clear and concise in your Gig description and packages, leaving no doubt related to what you offer and for what price.
– Make your deadlines realistic so that you avoid delivering late, which triggers a message to the buyer to cancel if they do not hear from you in twenty-four hours.
– Have a video or Gig image that clearly states what you offer.
– Research what successful sellers are doing to learn how to best structure your Gig.
– Ensure your grammar is impeccable so as not to turn off potential buyers.
– Seek mentorship from an experienced buyer or through the forums.

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Guys, over the past few years, I had the opportunity to work with almost a thousands of customers and I learned a lot. In this short post I am going to share some tips that might come in handy especially if you are a new seller, or if you are a seller that wants to improve their business

  1. Think of your gig as your own business.

  2. Never promise too much, but always over deliver.

  3. Be polite and always do your best when communicating with a client.

  4. Update your description, make it short, few sentences and then be specific with what you will deliver in your basic gig/packages.

  5. Make your gig photos with less text, but showcase the main point of your gig.

  6. Check the forum often as you can always learn more, meet other new sellers that you can cooperate in the future.

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  1. Improve your English, (if you aren’t native speaker) as this is crucial for your communication.

  2. Offer variety of gig extras that will benefit both you and your client.

  3. Be responsive and reply to messages as soon as you can, because sometimes buyers contact you in order to see your responsiveness and communication skills.

  4. Don’t promote your gigs directly on the FORUM as you won’t get orders from that. Because there are a lot of alternate ways of promoting your gigs.

  5. Don’t spam to older sellers. Yesterday, I got order from a guy that’s a new seller and he said:
    “I saw your gigs, but if you purchase my gig for explainer video, your sales will skyrocket.”

  6. If you have any questions please let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hi this is arif.
My 1st post in this field.
Fiverr is one of best market place i have ever seen. But it has many rules and conditions. If you want to be good freelancer, you must have to know those rules

  1. Don’t copy someone’s GIG or Description
  2. Write articles without grammatical error
  3. Do not recommended to your buyer any kind of 3rd party sites or direct facebook contract or other social contract.
  4. Don’t fishing on that sites
  5. Do not do spamming
    if you follow those rules. you will never get ban or disable from fiverr.
    Thanks for read
    best regards

Mod Note: Moved to thread for often-repeated/common tips.

Thank you for being here!
Why We should use Fiverr Forum?
Fiverr forum is important for all fiverr member if you’re active in fiverr forum( for beginner) it will helpful to increase your Fiverr Experience
when we will face problem!

points :heart_eyes:
Share on social media
Promote it
Search other’s gigs
Make it attractive
Use forum side
Give more time and potential to fiverrfiverr.


To become a successful freelancer, keep in mind following tips

  1. Be kind and be polite no matter what
  2. Read the description carefully over and over again until you understand it. If you don’t understand the words that buyer has mentioned then please google them or ask your buyer but google should be your first priority.
  3. When buyer tells you the description of his/her logo, read and ask questions on the spot so you can deliver on time.
  4. Talk to buyer over and over again. They are literally willing to help you out with their designs.
  5. Give extra stuff
  6. Give away free stuff (If it’s possible for you)
  7. Delivering on time is very important
  8. Get inspiration and listen to your seniors over and over again.
  9. Be unique (that comes with practice and brainstorming)
  10. Be respectful towards your juniors and listen to them, they teach you a lot. In fact listen to everyone, you always learn from people. Stay positive about this.
  11. You got to kill your ego. It may not sound relatable but it’s the most relatable thing.
  12. Be yourself
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