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Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips PART TWO [UPDATED AS NEEDED]


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This is with the hope that sellers who want to post tips that are often repeated can still do so and be seen. It is also for those who may try a “practice” tip post when they are still new. Overall this thread will be used by the Moderators to store often-repeated tips. :slight_smile:


Part One of Evergreen Tips is here for reference but was closed permanently in July 2018.

Part Two of Series - Tip One

1. Short Gig Title:

  • Clear and concise Gig titles perform better. You might test out different variations to see which ones generate more impressions, views or clicks.

2. Gig Description

  • This is your opportunity to sell your services and let buyers know why they should purchase your services.
  • One of the most importing tasks before creating a Gig is research, research & research on successful sellers Gig. Try to offer Guarantee initially.

3. Gig Video and Images

  • Fiverr has released the statistic that Gigs with a video portfolio sell 220% more than those without.
  • If you don’t have a video, you should take advantage of all three image slots with high-resolution descriptive pictures of what you offer.

4. Gig Research

  • Research Gigs that are similar to yours and see what other sellers offer in terms of value and delivery time.
  • Visit Fiverr forum: regularly to know the best practices from successful sellers.

5. Buyer Request

  • This is where buyers post invitations for sellers to send offers.
  • Most of your success will come from buyer request. So, don’t forget to send buyer request on regular basis.

6. Promote Yourself

  • Share your Gig and profile on social media to get more impressions, views, clicks or sometimes order from your social network.

Inspired By: wpfalcon How to Be a Successful Seller on Fiverr

Top 5 Tricky Tips for 100% Fiverr Success

Fiverr’s Forum and Blog are really useful… Rich of Tips for every business.
This link will help you a lot:
About the rest, if you have the skills you will receive orders… Keep your works original and unique and find your own design style.
There aren’t secrets here. If you work with passion and without violating any copyrights you will be on the right path.


Fiverr’s Forum and Blog are really useful… Rich of Tips for every business.
This link will help you a lot:
About the rest, if you have the skills you will receive orders… Keep your works original and unique and find your own design style.
There aren’t secrets here. If you work with passion and without violating any copyrights you will be on the right path.


1_) Edit you Gig title carefully because it is very important and it appears in buyers research.

2_) Well put together description is crucial to attract the potential buyers. Don’t forget to use keywords for your Title & Description.

3_) If you are a new seller, the starting price should be low & offer more advantages.

4_) Use your own authentic image in Gallery section (putting yourself is a plus).

5_) Video gallery is KING and highly more effective. After uploading the video in Fiverr, you can edit the video thumbnail.

6_) Always make all the gigs that is possible for the level you are on. Also cross promote your gigs with each other.]

7_) Send buyer request everyday from the selling option.

8_) Share your Gig in all of your social media accounts like: facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, google plus & youtube.

9_) Create a Youtube channel & make some videos introducing yourself as an expert in your particular subject & put the link of your gigs.

10_) Create a blog when you describe your service at WordPress or Blogspot to write about you & put the URL of your gig and share your blog post in social media.

11_) Create a Youtube channel & make some videos introducing yourself as an expert in your particular subject & put the link of your gigs.

12_) Put at the gigs the right tags & keywords that are relevant to your service.

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Hi friends I am Zahir, Today I will Tell You
To Get your First order on fiverr.
(1)First of all you make good GiG for your Buyer’s
(2)After Give Complete And Helpful description
(3)Title is must Make perfect
(4)Send buyers every day 10
(5)Forum is best to get clicks or Order
Thank you

Mod Note: The forum is useful for discussion but has never been shown to help with clicks or orders.


Why is gig title important?

You need to get clicks to your sales page in order to make sales. Your title can help you stand out from the crowd so you attract more clicks.

How can this document help you write a better title?

Use the examples below to give you some ideas for your title. However, don’t just copy them. Remember, you need to stand out from competitors, so research your competitors in your category as part of this process as well.

What you need to know

My recommended formula for a gig title is:

[Verb] + [Unique Selling Point]+[Gig Outcome] or
[Verb] + [Gig Outcome] + [Unique Selling Point]:

Your gig title should be concise, with 80 characters or less.
Be sure to include terms your ideal customer would search.
Your title can include ONE capitalised word. So use that word as an opportunity to really highlight the most unique aspect of your Gig.
Avoid misleading or unrealistic promises or expectations

:pray::pray:Please share your experience as well…:pray::pray:

All the best guys. :sunny:


Fiverr is a great platform where you can easily make money by offering almost any service. The gigs range simple tasks to highly complex tasks such as web design. You don’t have to be a techy to make money with Fiverr though, as long as you have good internet and a PC, you can as well join the other millions of freelancers paying off their bills with Fiverr. Here is a list of the various Fiverr gigs to get ideas and insights on which gig to offer.
Design Gigs
Enhance Logo
Design Logo
Edit logo
Mock-up logos
Add logos on cup, T-Shirt, Cap, etc
Design invitation, business cards, birthday cards, etc
Design Facebook banners
Twitter covers
Flyers and Brochures
Youtube Covers
Design Infographics
Cover Gigs
Design Book cover and illustrations
Design DVD cover
Design Album Cover
Design packaging for cosmetics and other products
Photo Editing Gigs
Remove picture backgrounds
Manipulate photos
Photo retouching
Resize photos
Facial beautification i.e. eliminating wrinkles from face
Add effects to photos
Video Gigs
Make Video Commercials
Music video
Video testimonials
Product review videos
Video Tutorials
Animated videos
Intros to youtube channels
Edit videos
Convert video formats
Music Gigs
Sing any song
Compose music
Sing birthday wishes
Rap on a given beat
Compose beats
Give music to a song
Make commercials through a song
Add sound effects to a song
Record voice mails
Web Design/Development Gigs
Develop a complete website
Create WordPress/blogger themes
Install WordPress
Customize WordPress/blogger themes
SEO optimization
Provide hosting
Migrate site from one server to another
Make changes to a site
Writing gigs
Write article on any given topic
Write blog post
Write songs
Write stories and poems
Write commercials
Write CV’s
Write essays
Write SEO contents
Write product reviews
Proofread and edit documents
Write a speech
Write scripts

This is not a conclusive list of the available Gigs of Fiverr, people come up with new ones each day. Find time to check the site and see other available Gigs as you purpose to start making money on Fiverr today. You can also check out more Gigs that you can do.


1- Method 1 - Open blogs for your Gigs
2- Method 2 - Post on Forum Signature​.
3- Method 3 - Use Social media
4- Method 4 - Stay Online!
5- Method - Join Fiverr forum
6- Method 6 - Fiverr gig promotion in Yahoo answers
7- Method 7 - Reddit
8- Method 8- ​Quora
10- Method 10 - Reply to Buyer Requests
11- Method 11- Offer Money Back Guarantee

Mod Note: These tips have been posted many times before so the post was merged into an existing thread full of basic tips.


In this article I will cover 2 things concisely
.There are 2 ways to increase more sales according to my experience.

  1. Increase sale using following formula

When a buyer contact you via message then there is chance to convert him/her $5 to
custom order when he/she agree for custom order that means you’ve another chance,
How? Simple if you are selling logo designing you can offer buyer for other work too like header Designing,Cover designing, SEO(back-links) or you can offer website speed improvement etc that helpful for buyer website or business though,But keep in mind only convince *if you think you can make better than existing stuff otherwise don’t use this formula.

  1. Increase your sale using Social Media power.

Share your gig on twitter and use all trendy, ranked #tags than you will get good impressions on your tweet and gig too that help to boost your sales.
Note: Use your service relevant tags + trendy #tags and use gig link with attractive description, Do not spam.

Hope this will help and work for sellers.


About Fiverr safety

If you want to grow your fiverr account and stay long time in this marketplace. You should read and follow Fiverr community guidelines and stay safe. Don’t violate any terms of service. Read and follow Fiverr Terms of service. Happy Freelancing :slightly_smiling_face:


Add a unique title
add some tags
Add a professional level description


I am zeesha .i am new on fivver .i made fivver account last six day ago .i received 4 order on my profile .

  1. make your description professinal level
  2. add your skills expert level
  3. add your education
  4. deliver more quality and quantity
  5. Add a unique title example.
    i will design a professional logo
    i will design a creative logo
  6. Add a description about your logo
    Add a short introduction youself in gig description

 getjubayer   skill  develop is power.


If You are new seller then

follow all the rules of fiverr…
Choose your best skills, create gigs on your skills
Don’t create any gig whichh job you can’t do
Create 7 gigs and promote them on social sites such as facebook,twitter and linkedin.
Don’t post your profile link on social sites.
If your gigs are not getting any orders or impressions for more then 15 days delete that gig create a fresh one.
Don’t copy anything from fiverr otherwise your account will be blocked after getting job
spend a lot of time on fiverr forum.
apologise for any mistakes.
Thanks for reading
Alamin Meraj


Thanks For your suggetion:slightly_smiling_face:


welcome arif ahamed


Ohh no. Bro Don’t copy other post. Here are only share Your experience.


i haven’n copy anything understand? tell me from where i copy?


Thanks For your effort.