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Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips PART TWO [UPDATED AS NEEDED]


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no 19 how manage do we pray for others and get paid for that


Sure, you can get rich without hard work, without providing any value to people! They easily pay $5 for resizing an image, even though it’s faster to do it themselves for free. They would definitely go to the hassle of ordering a youtube channel creation, even though it is way faster to do it yourself.

I am a bit scared to imagine what human hording may be:)

Can we please not write articles like this for the sake of writing something?

Id’s say learn a skill people
-Willing to pay for
-More complicated than lifting a finger.
And THEN with hard work you’ll rise to the top.


Hoarding = billboard?

Translating needs an excellent knowledge and understanding of at least two languages.

More to it than running a piece of software.

etc. etc.

Misleading I’m afraid. I can see you’re trying to be encouraging to newcomers, but skills really are needed.


Why would anyone pay for sketching to someone who has zero skill in it?

Forbidden, will get you banned.

Forbidden, will get you banned.

That’s spamming, and will get you banned.

How do you tutor someone if you have no skill? How do you teach them something you know nothing about?

You need to know a language (really know it) in order to be able to translate.

Strictly forbidden, will get you banned.

And so on…

Please don’t give terrible advice just for the sake of posting, it won’t bring you anything good. Quite the contrary, it will make you look bad and convince anyone who reads such posts never to hire you.


please am interested in number 4 and 5 can you put me trough .
Branding Lord


Really? You really want to take advice from this guy? :slight_smile:


I’ve got no idea - perhaps you need to ask the OP? :slightly_smiling_face:


Wins the award “Worst list of advices 2018”. :trophy:
One can’t even say “nice try”, because it isn’t.


**Extraordinarily for new sellers:

*Create 7 unique and dynamic gigs as indicated by best practices. [use the most ideal keywords]
*Stay online over 12 hours, best if 16+ hours.
*Refresh gigs on ordinary premise, on more than one occasion in per month. [do only when you are not getting orders]
*Refresh Gig video in any event once in multi-month.
*Send 10 buyer request appropriately in every day.

Keep patience! Be focus on your own goal, success will come immediately…:grinning:


The most common mistakes that I made when I started fiver but after when I recognised and corrected I got new orders.

Follow the following to get an order
1 remain online for at least 6 hours each day
2 use professional language
3 try to visit this forum every day to learn something new about fiver
4 never ever think about giving up its hard initially but stay aggressive and hope for the best
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Small tip: Remove the link or move it under My Fiverr Gigs :wink:
Experience category is not the place to promote your gig. You can add your link to your profile though if you want so that people can easily find your gigs if they want.


If you are reading this post then you are surely searching the best tips to be successful in fiverr.Maybe you are reading too many articles but you didn’t point down the main and the most important things in one page.I was same to you.Read lots of post and i was bit tricky here.When i read the posts i wrote down the most important things and shaped up everything.Today i will share the experience i got from reading all the articles .Now i will shre this magical tips that will make you shine again.

First thing first, Create gigs. wait wait wait !! Don’t just create gigs randomly.Be sure you are expert on this otherwise you may end up with a one star :star2: review. Which will drag your impression down in future.Be aware of this.

✓✓✓When creating gig most of the sellers common mistake is that they use wrong keywords.Gig keyword research is the most important thing. Use all the five keywords wisely. Try to use one unique keywords that your competitors aren’t using.

✓✓✓ Use of Seo Tags.Most of the seller out there don’t know about this. And there’s a unknown reason why all the successful sellers are using it but they aren’t Sharing the idea. Use the seo tags in your gig

✓✓✓NEVER USE COPYRIGHTED IMAGES. yes, you should never ever use copyright images in your gig images.FIVERR take it seriously and you may end up with deleting the gig.So be careful. Don’t just download any random pic from Google that suits your service.

✓✓✓Use the description box wisely.This 1200 characters are most important. Remember using your main keywords in description.This helps to boost your gig

✓✓✓Gig marketing is must. Without marketing you cannot expect better impression. Go out for marketing of your gig.Share your gigs on all the social media platforms.

✓✓✓ Be active in fiver forum at least 3 hours a day. And keep share love and comments.

✓✓✓ Don’t miss the buyer request.Its the most important thing for success. Use 10 buyer request cleverly. Don’t miss any of these.

✓✓✓ Remain active most of the day.If you are active then your gig will rank.

So this are the main rules as far as i know from reading the post. Follow all the tips and tricks to be successful


✪ ✪Fiverr homepage>>Selling>>Gigs
✪ ✪Creat a new Gig
✪ ✪Select Gig title>>Gig category>>Meta tags
✪ ✪Give your Package Price
✪ ✪Give Requirments
✪ ✪Add Photo or images or Video>>pdf image

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Hi Freelancers, Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. I got my first order within two weeks. How I did that? Read below some crazy quick tips for new sellers.

  1. Make your gig more attractive.
  2. Use a unique gig title.
  3. Always use 03 gig images for a gig.
  4. Do care about grammar in gig description.
  5. Make a short promoting video for your gig.
  6. Share your gig in social media, do everyday!

I think these quick tips will help you. I’ll update more tips soon. Wish you all the best. Happy Freelancing!

Mod Note: This topic is well covered in the Help Articles, in other forum posts and on various other sites. It has been moved to the Evergreen Advice thread for anyone who would like to reference it.


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  1. Be experienced in your service.
  2. 12 hr up available in Fiverr per day
  3. Every day send 10 buyer request (Firstly Properly read buyer actually what you want to need Then send request )
  4. Keyword research for your related service.
  5. Eye Caching work sample (Gig Image) If you want upload eye caching work sample video in your gig. Its better for get work more. Decide Unique gig Its more important to get order.
  6. Make good Portfolio
  7. Upload Profile Pic Professional and small smile available your face.
  8. buyer communication its most important to carefully and friendly understand client actually what do you want.
  9. You have know proper English Its most important.