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Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips PART TWO [UPDATED AS NEEDED]




Tips for the new seller
Now I’m sharing my some experience.
(Do step by step)

1/ Fast make a good portfolio with some great theme.
2/ Make some social media profile, Like, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ Etc
3/ Make I catchable thumbnail with great design for attractive your buyer(Important)
4/ Always share your gigs on social media sites
5/ Minimum 10 hours active on your profile
6/ Daily give 10 buyers request

If you do this all thing properly I’m definitely sure you will be succeed

Thanks, Mitun cy


Firstly, Share your GIG social media platform with # tag related keyword like #WordPress, #Logo_design etc.
Secondly, Upload your design at Flicker , Behance etc.
Thirdly, Create Blog site and post your work related topic.
Finally, Create YouTube channel and upload work related video.
I hope, following these Tips will increase your sale.


Choosing Gig: You must make a gig which you can deliver welly. And the gig should be of high demand and low amounts of other gigs on same topic already posted on Fiverr

High Impression: Do SEO and Keyword Research, Don’t copy and paste other’s gig and use good tags and do not mention commonly used words in gig title

High Clicks: Make your gig image clear and attractive

High Views: High clicks should give you high view. Share on social media. Remember not to specify gig link on social media. You have to do that using fiverr social buttons otherwise your impression will be zero because fiverr will think your gig is spammed

Thank you




For those of you who are new around here, I thought I would say a little about Buyer requests. I remember when I first started around here and knew nothing about Buyer requests. When I discovered that it existed I was excited. Here was a way for me to generate more sales, to get my foot on the ladder, so to speak. However, when I managed to find the section where buyers post jobs I could not see any posts at all. I couldn’t understand why there were never any Buyer requests for me to apply for. I still don’t really know how it works but as far as I can tell, the more you get involved with all areas of fiverr, the more likely it is for there to be more Buyer requests to choose from. I think it may also depend on your level; fiverr, or anyone in the know, please feel free to correct me!
So where do you find Buyer Requests. On the seller dashboard under More.
So anyway, I kept checking, and in the end there were some jobs for me to apply for; and they will be connected to the area your gigs address, so if you have a writing gig then you will see writing buyer requests.
Another disappointment to me as that the success rate can be quite low for getting the job, even if you do apply. Don’t get downhearted! Make sure that you are competitive, be polite, let that buyer know why you should get the job, wait, and hope for the best!
Anither irritation you will find is that some people persist in posting ads for their own gigs offering their services; just try to ignore it!
Finally, if you want to hear what fiverr have to say about this section, please follow this link:

I hope this has been of some help to you. Have a great day, new sellers :slight_smile:!