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Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips PART TWO [UPDATED AS NEEDED]

I suggest trying to achieve success in other methods than spamming the forum with the same copy/pasted things. :ok_hand:


Thanks to share such a good tips.


It appears you did not read the comments to the post made by the OP. There are better tips in them. :wink:

Believe me, There have no hidden tricks to be successful on Fiverr…

Then what we should do to get success? I want to share with you guys my thoughts. If there something wrong kindly let me know…

What you should do :

  • Optimize your gig title using buying and secondary keywords.

  • Use attractive eye-catching Images, don’t use too much text on your gig image

  • Write a clear instruction about your services. Don’t ever copy from other seller des. Just take the idea from their des. and add in your des. something unique thing.

  • Must use buying keywords in your tag section. Also, new trend keyword /Don’t ever do it at 2019 By opening some first selling gig and copy tag from them.It doesn’t make any sense by using those you will get rank or orders… Always Try to be giving your client something exceptional.

  • There have FAQ section ,Think as a buyer what they can ask you first time to place an order…You should use all of these 10 FAQ.

  • Send 10 buyer request daily,

  • Stay online most the time

  • Try to Reply your client message within 1 hour always…

What You should avoide :

  • Don’t Spamming. Without targeted audience,sharing your gig on social media,will never get back any benefit…
  • If buyer never give you review after completion order,Don’t ask him/her for it.
  • Be polite, Don’t use any auto-refresher extension
  • Read FIverr TOS and implement them on your journey…

Happy freelancing


Hello! Great tips. I agree with all of them (especially about the Q&A). Greetings from Greece

Maria S.

If you are new on fiverr you have to promote your gig.
1 .make a marketing plan.
2.promote your gig on,Facebook,LinkedIn.
3.Remember every day you have to marketing your gig on this social website because this marketing increase your gig rank ,
4 send buyer request every day don’t copy pest cover litter.
5.full time active on your mobile phone .
If you do this for one month you can successfully gain your fiverr platform .
Tomorrow i will post ,how you promote gig on Twitter ,next day i am talking about google+ .
thanks you all


How do you know this when you don’t have any order completed?

I have previous experienceon this marketplac… I am here on 2014…

Mindlessly promoting your gigs on social media websites doesn’t sound like a sound marketing plan to me. That sounds like spam.

Besides, “marketing” your gigs on social media has no effect on your gig’s rank as your gig’s rank is dependent on your performance on Fiverr (your gig’s rating, order completion%, on-time delivery%, etc).

If spamming social media websites helped improve your gig’s rank, Fiverr’s tag-line would have been: “In social-media spammers we trust” and not “In doers we trust.”

Please stop spreading false information on Fiverr. Do you know why some social media sites blacklist Fiverr links? It’s because of Fiverr sellers such as yourself spreading misleading information such as “share your gigs on social media every day; it will improve your gig rank!” The only thing this does is mislead other sellers. :roll_eyes:

Just because you have previous experience, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily right.

You are a brand new seller (who has been on Fiverr for less than a month) with ZERO orders completed. And, @arty182925 is a top rated seller with MORE THAN 2900 orders completed on Fiverr!

Who do you think knows more about Fiverr? Hint: definitely not you.


I don’t think you should try to market your gig every day, this will become spammy and that’s not allowed.

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It’s not spaming bro… I think you Don’tknow what is free marketing. How to do and how it work… So bro without marketing you can’t promote your gig… And free marketing do on social media platfor.

This is secret. If you can’t please sister ignor it. Becouse i learn it from fiverr

This is the definition of spamming. Just posting your gigs on social media sites without targeted marketing is just spam.

Learn to do target marketing. Find your target audience. What you’re advocating is not going to help at all.

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Oky tell him to share his triks. Don’t tell something without your own knowledge

bro i think you have to learn more about spamming v marketing .i don’t tell how you do this on social platform .if you share on your profile is this spamming ?

If you do it everyday without targeting the right audience, yes, it is spam.

Think about this for a while:

Why do you think some social media sites blacklist Fiverr links?

It’s because of Fiverr sellers such as yourself posting their gig links on their websites everyday. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

And, no buyer would want to buy from someone who is doing nothing other than posting their gig links on some social media website every day.

You need to connect with your prospective buyers (target audience) on a more personal level. You need to display your knowledge to them through informative and meaningful posts on social media websites, blogs, etc.

Sadly, a few sellers who claim to be “experts” in marketing don’t even know the basics of marketing. That’s depressing.


ha ha ha , you don’t know the tricks .how you done this,how it works . marketing do on targeting audience .using tag ,and other thing.take knowledge about digital marketing bro .

Wonderful points. I should work on this.

yeap bro i will post all details on twitter marketing tomorrow

Hey I saw you joined Fiverr on 1st of May. You mentioned you’ve been here from 2014, did you make a new account?