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Every body is suppose to be good


Every body is suppose to be good… Unless , Until he proves himself otherwise…


I try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt, but I don’t ignore my instincts about people either. :eyes:
I say treat people well, but proceed with caution if somebody raises any alarm bells in your head.


you gave benefits for doubts because you are not sure about the person.


So, you’re saying there should be no doubts? One should assume that everybody is “good”? How are you defining good?

I mean… I would agree that no one (mostly?!?) is inherently BAD… but I think we need to define our terms here.


Because supposition should be positive. And I am not saying all the people but those who are in your surroundings and you know little bit about them… I think know terms are clear here…


I agree. :grin:
The happiest people I know are the ones that see the bright side. :sun_with_face:
As it relates to Fiverr, I’d say you’ll spare yourself heartache if you expect to have good experiences with your buyers, rather than assuming they’re out to get you.