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Every buyer tell us?

Please every buyer tell us when you are ordering to a seller to whom you will give preference and why?
Also tell us to whom you will never try?
Please check my gig and tell me if a buyer will not give me a order why he/she will do so?

1 New seller
2.Level 1 seller
3 Level 2 seller
4.Top rated seller

I think this is a silly question.
I buy more often (and for much longer) than I sell here. I don’t really have a preference based simply on the seller’s level. It depends on the seller, their gig, profile, communication, etc. Some might be hesitant to trust a new seller, but I think most people would be willing to risk $5 on a new seller to see if it works out or not.


And whats about me(gig)?

I’m not in the market for the gig you offer, so I wouldn’t know.
However, you offer 30 hours of work for only $25? I would probably be concerned about the quality of that work, honestly. After Fiverr’s fee, you’re working for 0.66USD an hour (less when you factor in Paypal’s fees, and anything lost in conversion). That’s insane.

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vapeskorea thank you very much i offer low cost because i am new.
But now i got your point.
i will mange it in some other way.

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It’s just like choosing a restaurant. Sometimes you want a 5-star restaurant, sometimes you want McDonalds.

If a level 2 or top rated seller charges too much, I’ll hire a new seller or level 1 If the level 1 didn’t do it right, maybe I’ll hire a top rated seller.

You are chosen based on portfolio samples, prices, and reviews. Keep in mind that sometimes a low price can hurt your sales, specially if people think doing X is worth more than what you’re charging. However, charging too much can kill your sales as well, so you must experiment until you’re reaching your goals.

I’m probably harsh, but here is my opinion:

I don’t had a look at your gigs but when I read your post, I can imagine that communicating with your would end up being a nightmare. Therefore I would choose another seller.

It’s not personal, it’s just based on the impression I got.

Just a quick impression after looking at your gig: your FAQ section needs some work. Take a look at how some other sellers do their FAQ sections (more with actual questions and answers that aren’t answered by the sheer nature of the gig description) and apply that to yours.

Thanks for your opinion

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Thanks mariokluser for your opinion.
I will try to improve my weak points.

Thanks somaginer1996 for your opinion