Every cancellation taught me a Lesson!


Cancellation is a word which pinch me off.So far I remember 2 cancellations since I start working.
About 3 months ago a buyer cancelled order stating that quality of work was not as on gig.I wondered what kind of design he wanted.I searched his orders with other seller and the answer I got was Typography .
Yes, he has left very good reviews on typo style designs.
I paid a lot of attention on learning typography and now Alhmdulillah I’ve a complete grip on this style of designing.Thanks to him :sparkling_heart:
Other cancellation story is much terrible…ugh…:broken_heart:
I got an order with instructions in 1st message in inbox.He then changed his description which I never received. I delivered order with 1st instructions and in modification request I got a harsh response.Client was asking for cancellation and I was out of mind Why why why??? He was not willing for revision and opened a dispute.:frowning:
I accepted and that’s it.No,it was not that’s it ,he started bombarding my inbox with sooo harsh messages.
Wait.I should share a screenshot!

He sent new description list asking what is similar to my description in your design? My bad,I received that for 1st time.:rage:
All I did is redesign a sample and sent to him.His response,

And after two days passed by he placed same order with double price.His review

So yayy I didn’t let fiver to lose a buyer of it :slight_smile:
All I want to say is, I take cancellation personally and work on cause of cancellation to avoid next time.
Thanks for your time.


Only one word comes in my mind:




You handled the situation very well, Aman. :tada:

Great comeback story! You turned his frown upside down. :slight_smile:


Does this word come for me in your mind?


When he said he never gonna use fiver again,I have had to do it.


Indeed every cancellation teaches you a lot. I’ve got a lot of repeat buyers from situations where I had the biggest misunderstandings. I want to call them the “diplomatic” moves that you make. :slight_smile:


I :sparkling_heart: the way you handled that! I wish others can take these opportunities as a learning experience.

There are a few times that the buyer is just unreasonable no matter what but in most cases, I’d like to think it turns out win - win - win.

Win for seller + Win for buyer = Win for 5r. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You are absolutely right! BTW his messages were so harsh.:broken_heart:


I don’t have much cancellations but I believe these few taught me a lot.Not sure about coming cancellations LOL.


Yeah! That’s fantastic!! That’s it when you never give up!

All sellers have responsibility to present Fiverr in best way becaue if all sellers work without responsibility any buyer will not use Fiverr!!

So thank you for your story and continue showing your talent and prove you’re best seller!


Very true!

Thanks for your kind words.