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Every day is Opposite Day

Why is it in our nature to do the complete opposite of what is said or told.

If you saw a sign that had “Do not enter/touch” would you?

If dad said, “Don’t touch he gun.” Would you?

If 5r says that “Tipping is customary.” Would you?

If 5r says to review an order, would you?

When a seller says to contact before ordering, do you?

When was the last time you saw a horror flick where the MC doesn’t do something stupid?

Is this just a human trait? :thinking:

  • I try to keep my puppy out of the guest room. She’ll do everything she can to go inside.

  • When she does something naughty, she’ll droop her long hound dog ears, and becomes very loving.

Even animals do things opposite of what they know better.

Are we mammals doomed to repeat our mistakes. Curiosity did kill the :cat2:


This should work too. :joy:


It’s called reactance, there are a lot of more or less interesting articles about this “phenomenon” on the internet, many from a business/marketing point of view, of course … People (puppies and cats apparently too) feel their “freedom” threatened, they feel they are limited in their choices and don’t like it. “Reverse psychology” makes use of reactance by trying to manipulate someone into doing what they want them to do by betting on their reactance.

Do you think reverse psychology would work in the Fiverr tipping example? If they said “It’s not customary to tip, please don’t feel obliged to”, do you think you’d tip then, while you don’t want to when they say it’s customary? :thinking:


So I order from this wonderful noodle place near my house quite often, and every time I tell them to pls NOT put coriander leaves in the wok instructions (long story short, I despise them, traumatic experience as a kid xP), they end up putting it. .____.

So now, I just don’t say anything. They stopped adding it on their own. :rofl:

Mammals are definitely quite strange. Some reverse psychology shizzles.


Hmm, this is quite plausible. Again, this is just me, but if I were a buyer, I would automatically tip if I felt that the work met the standards I was expecting or the seller went above & beyond to deliver it. I think some buyers might get put off if they see the seller directly asking for a tip or implying that they are expecting a tip. :thinking:


I love coriander, but I had a similar issue with pizza. Tell them you want the pizza sliced because you want to share it, and they won’t; say nothing, you get it sliced :woman_shrugging:


Darn it! I really, really want to order that gig. :clown_face::japanese_ogre:


Don’t order that one. Order this one. :joy: