Every day lower gig sales


Hi all,

This is my short story: 3 months ago i joined on fiverr, untill past 3 days i had no any orders. After i did get my first order:

Friday 3days ago 12 orders

Saturday 2days ago 13 orders

Sunday 1 day ago only 4 orders

And today i had only 3 orders ?

Why my sales fall ? I do my job fast in 1-12 hours … My service is shown @ recommended and express gigs and however i sending all files for 5$ …

Here is my gig http://www.fiverr.com/skydesigner/make-your-jpeg-png-gif-logo-to-ai-or-esp-file

Any suggestions ?


It is ALWAYS like this, you will never get a similar amount of orders everyday it’s a very unpredictable market but it does pay off in the long run, I suggest the days you do not have many orders you spend working on improving your services and your profile and being active here on the forum (*)


ye i set vacation mode and 2 hours after i set it someone place order (some kind of bug) now he “unrated me” and im moved from recommended …