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Every Gig I Put Up Gets Knocked Down Frustration Is Through The Roof!


It Seems Like Every Gig I Put Up Gets Knocked Down ANd I Spend A lot Of Quality Time On My Posts and So I Look Around and see the same Gig I Have to Offer Listed with no issues and I think That’s Unfair I Follow The rules And Do Everything By The Book. It Seems Like Alot Of Favoritism On Fiverr I Been Selling Online for years On Ebay,Amazon, And Many More Sites And It Seems Like Fiverr Is The Only Place I’m Having Issues. I Spent A lot Of My Funds On Fiverr I’m ready to take my business else were if I keep getting rejected!! It’s Unprofessional When I Can Purchase A Gig I Was Rejected for and on top of that I was inside the guidelines on most of them. I’m not perfect but I’m not stupid either. If Anyone Has Any Suggestions I Would Appreciate it I Create my own products and hold licenses for them too. I Tried Putting A Gig up for headers that sellers who customize them can use them I have packages of 100 to 500 headers and I Was told I had to edit my gig because I was trying to redirect my business elsewere when that isn’t even true. Thats just 1 of my issues.How am I Telling customers to go elsewere when I’m not I product my business only on Fiverr But Meanwhile I see others selling Ebooks on How To Make Money And Is That Fair? I Have So Many Awesome Products But Can’t get to list anything because of this error. Any Suggestions Thanks.