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Every Music Buyers Request Ever

To anybody who thought I was joking… would you love to work for something like 1 dollar and 30 cents net per track while you’re being micromanaged for two weeks?


According to a review of his (a paragraph written like a high school teacher report), he at least once asked for quite the revisions, and the seller even rated him less than 5 stars. Mega red flag right there if this already wasn’t one.

I see that BR reappear about three times every morning and every evening. It is an insult to everything. I think even Satan would be offended.

The other one I see several times a day is the guy who says he wants a $250 Album cover like “this work” and links to what is most likely his own gig (under another name) that looks really shonky under the template veneer.


I had some laughs and some deep thoughts reading this. As a new musician seller on fiverr it breaks my heart the fact that I’ve already faced all or almost all the situations that have been spoken here, and met all kind of people that wants a lot for nothing but $5 dollars.

I’ve even talked to that 30-45 min original music playlist /unlimited revisions/all the rights for only $50 dollars guy. I talked to him when his budget was $20 (twenty, T-W-E-N-T-Y) dollars and I made a custom offer of $200 because my brain read that budget (a logic budget) but as soon as he told me he had only $20 I decided to just saying goodbye and good luck.

I don’t know if I should laugh or if I should cry. The good news is that I don’t feel alone now, I needed to read this so thank you fellow producers on fiverr, let’s work and hope for better customers in the future who know how to value what we do. Cheers.


Hi everyone,

As a buyer and a newbie here, I learned from this forum how things are going at the background with buyers and sellers scenario.

I only discovered Fiverr last February 2021 after watching on Youtube and I asked the guy if he can be my voiceover on my upcoming project. He was very honest that he doesn’t do voiceover. Instead, he gave me the link and I ended up with a seller to sing a song and voiceover for my project.

I asked him to sing on a keyboard with Violin accompaniment. He told me he doesn’t play Violin but he can play it with guitar instead. So I settled with his $250 offer.

But he surprised me when he delivered the recording because he used the three instruments that I requested for and I was pleased for it.

As a buyer, I consider my seller a partner to make my project go to fruition because I can’t sing but I love music. My seller saves my time and I can focus on other things.

To me it’s a great shame for such buyers with attitude without knowing the talents and effort put into every work of art, sweat and blood like producing music to the satisfaction of the buyer.

Rest assured that I support our music artists here at Fiverr. I know we are living in this world with some idiots and ignorant buyers about art out there. I appreciate all you do. Stay safe everyone!


Thanks @npboren75 This all we hope for every day.

After you get better outcomes with engaged people. Well-paid and well-respected people do more for their clients.

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Don’t forget the request for a free sample before they even consider you…
No way i’m auditioning, I know my worth


Just what we need in a paid platform:

Free mix and mastering services provided to the first 5 people to respond to this request to build school catalog

Good on him for tying I guess, altho god knows what sort of garbage he will get to make his portfolio from but it should not be on a paid work platform. I really wish we could report BR as this is not useful - or even in line with TOS. Sometimes I think Fiverr couldn’t give a TOS :sigh:


I’ve got a 1up: I once got asked by some random kid what category to publish their music in on my video game music MAKING gig. He sent an audio file (He literally made a 10-second rhythm by baning on a countertop? next to a low-quality mic) and then asked me what category to publish it under, presenting a screenshot of some sort of publishing site (I really wish I could link the audio file, it’s pretty amusing). I’m not a publisher, but somehow he expected service. Some buyers are best described as people who think they can custom order from a grocery store, even though everything comes in a package. Not only that, they then argue with the cashier on the price, and their card declines regardless.

I just answered a BR for someone looking for melodies. Turns out to be a SELLER who expects me to send all my melodies over and he promises he will pay for the ones he uses - would that be sells???

I tried to back away saying that I could not help like that. He tried twice more telling me how everyone is sending him so much stuff coz he is he is crazy cool.

I Blocked him as that is mighty wrong.

Watch out for this Bad Actor.



Thank you.

I knew I saw my text for the next BR somewhere :slight_smile: permission to copy paste?

Now, I looked what are the prices for song singing, production, mastering and whatnot, and you have 1.5 min for 5$ and 3min for 15$. A lot! Even by Level 2 seller.

Most likely no.

Correction, they do not want, they offer 5$. Acceptance of the offer is where system falls down.


This perfectly sums up the biggest issue with Fiverr.

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I’ve seen several sellers advertising in BR as well. Or people promoting songs or looking for partners. So annoying. Even had someone contact me directly wanting me to help him get started as a seller in my category and was mighty rude about it.

oh god i’ve been so annoyed at this guy clogging up my br…wish i could report him for spam

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Same, this BR appears every day with different prices. Fiverr should have a “report BR” option. This should be marked as spam.

Fiverr have conveniently let BR to be a Mad Max - until a Buyer give the the poster what they deserve then they will punish the Seller telling the thief that they are a thief.

Some cad recently even went to CS to get approval that asking for free work was just fine.


Clearly this person has not heard the experssion that one catches more flies with money

I’m looking for an audio engineer to mix a song for me. MUST BE AN EXPERIENCED ENGINEER. The session is in pro tools, DO NOT ASK TO EXPORT THE STEMS. If you don’t work with pro tools please don’t reply. I would like to work with someone who is extremely creative. A Kendri Lamar Kevin Gates vibe $15

Actually it may have been $25 but $8 makes no difference here. Anyone who is paying a monthly fee in excess of this amount just to have the tool available, not counting the computers and electricity to run them, is not going to be remotely interested in buying this job where the seller of the job is SHOUTING AT THEM before they have even applied.

If you want to pay peanuts, you will work with monkeys. To reduce costs (and the sense of being an entitled ass) you need to do some of the work that you don’t want to pay for yourself. That means export stems like a real man. Accept that Pro Fools is one of many DAWs and that use of it infers nothing but that the person is a Pro Fools user. What if the person who is perfect for you is using Cakebase, or Live Fruit or Reapon or StudioWig…?

Besides, those names, not remotely creative if you want to clone them.


Tbh, the singing goat should be 500 alone

I’m well aware you already know this, but for anyone else who needs proof in writing:

Number 3:

My little, silly thread of trite musings and comedic mumbles has become some weird monster of another making.

It’s like a bad BR graveyard. A strange Disney sequence where horrible buyers sing stupidly in a copied form “afterlife.”

Good on you guys. You really turned this into a neat thing.

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What part of this does NOT scream Academic work. And yet here is its and as of right now 13 people have applied

Improvising of 3-6 minutes on piano due: within few hours budget: 50-100 dollars details: Improvisation is a spontaneous musical expression in response to a musical or non-musical stimulus. It can begin by imitating other styles of music, or develop from other stimuli. A successful improvisation will have shape, direction and originality, and may be inspired in a variety of ways. Manipulating a diverse range of musical elements will reflect a developed understanding of musical possibilities. The use of a range of instrumental/vocal techniques can also enhance the resulting improvisation. The improvisation can take many forms, including, but not limited to: • improvisation during performance of a jazz band or combo • free improvisation with other musicians • solo improvisation. Improvisation could be one continuous piece, or may consist of several sections. However, the total time of actual improvisation by the student must be 3–6 minutes in length. In the case of improvisation in several sections, although only the improvisation sections will be assessed, the teacher must record the entire performance of the piece. Students may submit one improvisation only. (Please refer to the “Creating options” table.) A recording of the improvisation must be submitted. In the case of improvisation with other players, the student’s contribution must be clearly identifiable on the recording. In addition to the improvisation, students are required to provide evidence of a reflective process. The written reflective statement requires the student to describe the intention, process and outcome of the piece

Ooh look, it gets better with M also posting this (with 15 applications already from people with no honor)

option 1: Any kind of musical composition. and either a live performance (3-5 minutes) option 2: Any kind of arrangements. (3-5 minutes) Deadline: within 7 hours after this was posted (no extentions) It has to be original, so my idea is A theme and variation black death The plague spread in the path of China, russia, middle east, europe respectively the style of the music will change Starting with a chinese scale, (i already have composed this part) it will be a variation of each musical culture and specific scales will be used overall the theme will be dark and it should portray the arrival of a scary plague. there are criterias of this task: I have to write and explain this piece in 300 words. so please include some chords that belong to that culture and explain each musical elements, and draw connection between them which adds up to the main concept of black death. My first idea was going to be a covid piece with a similar concept(chinese theme, and variations in the order the virus has spread; iran, russia, europe, usa) But i thought i would get marks deducted due to the racist implication of ‘‘corona came from china’’. Both are fine probably the second one makes more sense, so please contact me, i will immediately respond and delete this post if you agree to do it. I will pay a huge amount of money so please take it seriously. thanks