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Every negative review is being chosen as the highlight on my profile page

I’m at a stage where I’m really perplexed, I don’t want to think that something shady is happening but honestly what is going on here?

The past month I did have two orders that did not work out and buyers left a critical review, those two reviews were immediately chosen as the highlighted review on my profile page. I was shocked as the majority of reviews I had were 5 stars, and those critical reviews did not represent the majority of my reviews at all. I have contacted Fiverr a few times and it only says there was no violation.

Here is where things get interesting.

I had two very lengthy reviews recently, one is a critical review that was given one day ago and one is an excellent review that was made 3 days ago.

The excellent review from 3 days ago was hidden from my profile and gig page and the critical review was made to be another highlighted review on my profile page.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I don;t know what to think anymore.


I have 40+ years of experience in media/marketing.

I can’t wait for my first 1-Star review as I intend to use it as a marketing campaign to promote my services.


Simple, but showing that although I may get a bad review, it hasn’t destroyed me and has made me stronger at what services I provide.

Don’t look at a bad review as anything more than an opportunity to promote the positive aspects of doing business with you.


Thank you, truly appreciate your encouragement.

You can’t satisfy every buyer.
Know this, know peace.