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Every now and then you get a super client!

We have a client who had made an order through us once previously and placed a new order 2 days ago. They loved our quality the first round and had a new project that needed a fast turnaround. They went ahead and placed an order for almost double what we would normally charge! We were very appreciative of this and delivered the project. The client had a few requests which we were happy to make and had to use a bit of creative freedom as client was on a plane all day and could not communicate. But in the end we nailed it and the client was over satisfied and went ahead and left a very generous tip! All in all the order revenue from this project was close to 3 times what the normal charge would have been. This was a welcome token of gratitude as we all know some clients expect the world for $5 whereas this client recognized the quality and value with our product. If only they were all as super as this. :wink: At the end of the day we truly appreciate all business that we get and every client that we earn as well regardless of what they spend. It is all of our clients who have helped us achieve what we have so far to date.

Congratulations, I know the feeling! :slight_smile: I hope we all get to know it more often and never, ever take it for granted.

whatever we are selling, Most of the clients expect price as $5 but they don’t think about the Quality service!