Every one want opportunities but no one ready to give them to others


I heard that the world is full of opportunities. but only few get them. because no one looks ready to give opportunities to others in this fact no one getting a chance to prove himself good or best at his work. every buyer on fiverr looks for high rated and older sellers for his work and the new sellers are ignored continuously. if u don’t like to give opportunities to others then u will not get them for yourself because others also have thinking like you. i have 10 years of Photoshop experience but here i am nothing or just a new seller who have experience or not no mater. buyers please change your thinking not completely but 20%. if you gave 20% of your work to new users it will change the concept of choosing only high rated sellers. example i have 10 years Photoshop experience but not worked on fiver so it means i have no experience. give opportunities to get opportunities thats all




So, if it is equally important to give opportunities and get opportunities, what are you personally doing to give opportunities? Perhaps you are right and giving will increase your chance of getting.


not equal but important and important meant more then something. thnx for reply @fonthaunt


@unique_mind You are telling the truth, i agree with you.


Reply to @unique_mind: You are welcome. I actually do think its equally important, but even if not equal, the question is still there. If you are looking for someone to give you opportunities and you feel that giving opportunity is very important in order to get opportunity then the question remains. What are you doing to give so perhaps that giving will return to you in the form of getting?


You have to earn opportunities. They’re there, but you have to find a way to take them. To hope for them to come to you is a little naive.

To get my first orders on Fiverr I had to work 6 hours per gig. I don’t really like it when people come on to the forum and say “No one will give me an order… everything’s unfair”.

Want orders? Make your service so damn good buyers can’t refuse it. I’m working with somebody now who is just like you. They had no orders when they came, but we’ve been working on their gigs and now they get several every week. I know it can be done.


I agree with @sara1984, when I first came here I didnt get my first order immediately and I had to work everyday to offer the great service that I am still offering now. I am thinking just like high rated sellers they did not reach that stage over night they had to put in work and offer their services differently so that buyers would be interested.


I’m a former seller here. And it’s tough starting out. I found offering the moon and stars gets a lot of buyers attention. So, in other words, offer a really nice deal in your gig and the orders should come much more quickly. Then as you rank and get reviews, reduce your gig offer to something more reasonable. It worked for me.


I agree with others in all this in that hard work and offering a LOT of work for a few dollars is how most people get their start. I responded to the initial post also because I have seen several forum posts by different new sellers with requests to be given a chance. Like in this thread, the sellers often suggest that giving new sellers opportunities is good “karma” (or similar word) and they want veteran sellers to buy a gig.

I do believe in something along those lines, reaping what you sow and all. When I starting on Fiverr I responded to buyer requests like mad, worked for hours on each gig, etc. I also spent $10 (all I could afford) and bought 2 gigs from other low level sellers. The gigs were both for social media marketing. I don’t know if they helped me but they didn’t hurt and I think it was a good thing to do. When I asked @unique_mind what they did to offer opportunities to others all I got was a vague non-answer. Makes me think they really just want to get, not give. :-/


Don’t expect charity. That is the wrong attitude. Expect to work very hard.


Well, why not start an opportunity thread in the promo? Or is it allowed, to make a thread for new sellers offering gigs in exchange to buy gigs from other new sellers?

As you said, you have to give to be able to receive… Buying gigs from other new sellers perhaps? Wouldn’t the best be, to find another newbie seller who does something you need done, and who could in exchange find your gigs helpful? At least both would get a headstart, a few reviews and perhaps both getting their first returning customer if their gigs compliment each other - not to mention promoting each others gigs perhaps?


Reply to @katja1700: There is nothing disallowed about sellers buying gigs from each other and many do, but it is against the ToS to deliberately manipulate the ratings system. Advertising gigs should only be done in the part of the forum titled "My Fiverr Gigs."

Since manipulation of ratings is disallowed, it would be tough to do a thread on gig exchange that wouldn’t be utilized for manipulation. If a gig is done badly but was done through some kind of exchange, that presents a problem. If someone exchanges gigs and the product doesn’t come out well, the buyer would either have to lie and give a great rating (against ToS) or be honest and give a less than 5-star rating.

Then the “exchange” participant would likely be upset about the lower rating and want to give a lower rating in return whether it was deserved or not. So, IMO, hyping up your gigs in the right forum category is fine and sellers helping out fellow sellers is great, but when it comes to an actual exchange, it could sure lead to some problems.


Hi unique_mind,

I have 13 yrs of making animation video when I first joined Fiverr. And I work my way up to the top ranking in my category too. In our categories, they are high competitive so buyers are flooded with choices.

I still remembered I edited a video for over 20+ times for just that $5 when I just launched my service here.

Think far and don’t just think of how much you gonna earn when you newly joined fiverr. Build up your reputation, and the rest will take care themselves naturally.


Ok, but even though you have 10+ years of Photoshop experience, that does not translate to the Fiverr model directly. Your 10 years has nothing to do with being a new seller here or a high rated seller, the beauty is everyone has an equal chance.

Part of your issue is that your profile needs some work, there are a few gramatical mistakes. And for someone who claims to have 10 years of experience, why do you only have 3 logo samples? Look at some of the top rates logo designers, they have dozens. So just saying you have experience doesn’t work, you have to show people the quality of your work and compete with others. If someone has 10 years of logo experience, I would expect to see at least a few pages worth of logos. If someone has only 3 logos, that may or may not be any better than someone else who has 3 logo samples and has only had 1 year of Photoshop experience.


@unique_mind Yes the world is full of opportunities. However no one promised to GIVE them to anyone. Most often one has to create opportunity for oneself: Do things that no one else has done. Find things no one else has found. See things no one else perceives. Work harder than any one else is willing to.


Reply to @sincere18: We’re kind of limited to 3 samples if focus is just on a single piece per window; 6 counting the PDF. More examples of works are placed in portfolio after orders are completed for buyers.

Other than that it is possible to showcase multiple logo samples whilst utilizing the available slots. That said, you make some interesting points.


Reply to @fonthaunt: oh right, that is true… somehow I always think everyone will play by the rules… and work extra hard especially for the first gigs, not sure if other sellers are more critical, or more giving in their reviews, could actually be either way.

I wish people would use that My Fiverr gigs section better, personally I’m put off by gig spam in other sections/other people’s threads especially if that gig has nothing to do with the original topic. But I am curious to click people and their gigs when they present themselves positively and professionally, and have found possible future buys from people who post in the forum, both old timers and people with few reviews. I think it might be essential to newbies to get involved here (and blogs and outside fiverr), because here you have more space to tell about yourself and assure buyers with your skills, than in the short profile that doesn’t really have room for your resume or anything.


Reply to @topaz_muse: There are plenty of ways to showcase multiple logos, there are several sellers who do something like this:


And for someone claiming to have 10 years of experience, I would think doing something like this would not be an issue.


Reply to @sara1984: Very true. I didn’t find the forum until I was level 2. I was too busy doing $5.00 gigs that took 30 minutes to 120 minutes each. I did 100 orders in my first 60 days because I made it irresistible. They couldn’t help but try me when I was a newbee!


Reply to @sincere18: Normally it wouldn’t be but the way that some things are going, some clients may not want their logo up for others to see.