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Every One want to promote it Gig but HOW?

Hello guys,
Listen, i want to promote it Gig. but what is the procedure to promote it gig can any one help me.

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I’m afraid there isn’t really a procedure. You need to position your Gig where potential buyers can see it. Naturally, each of us offers something unique, so our potential buyers are spread out across different places.

Social media can be pretty useful because it’s so big. But you’ll still need to have access to some kind of community of people that are looking for your service.

You may also find some joy on online business forums. Most small businesses will need a logo. Beware, though, lots of forums have strict rules regarding advertising.


@ahmwritingco you’ve given a great answer. Perfect!! In fact a place like youtube & some … might get your account blocked for desperate promotions.Most adverts are seen as spam messages.however, we most promote.success friend! @zohaibulhassank


You can share your gig on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These are very powerful when it comes to audience. Try putting hashtags while sharing the gig among them. give it a try!

another thing is thera are no shortcuts to success so be patient work hard

Good luck!


Who shares gigs’ URL on Linkedin ? Does LinkedIn Allow Fiverr links?

Yes, LinkedIn allows to share Fiverr links. I share regularly.

On your home page?

The last time I tried. Divert links were not allowed .

Yes, My home page in LinkedIn.