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Every order gives a smile on face of new sellers

i read lot of posts by the new sellers. they are excitement to get an order.
ITS good. work hard, be honest and keep smiling

best luck to all respected members fiverr users.


Ok. What can I do then

I give advice on this all the time.

Evidently you haven’t researched.

You need to research.

And I said you need to understand sales, so research sales.

I made it very clear what you need to do. You’re asking me to hold your hand instead of taking initiative.

Please move this to “Improve my Gig.”

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@freelanceras567 its good that you remain online. but try to spend some time on this forum and read posts. you will find some very useful ways which will help you to learn.
@humanissocial is right. you should go on “improve my gig” there u can learn a lot. you will get valuable and helpful information

have a nice time


yes @tanveer1975 its true. every order gives smile to the seller. orders are very important for new sellers

Waiting to find that smile in my face.

@tanveer1975 its true

First experience, this is supposed to happen…