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Every top rated seller was once a newby

HEy guys, how are you today, am new here on fiverr platform…but i had gone through most of the post on the forum and i see that most new seller like me are having one issue or the order and to be honest it was not encouraging at first, i almost give up not setting up my gig. But i just had a thought that says to that “EVERY TOP RATED SELLER ONCE STARTED AS A NEW SELLER” and i thought about it for a while and i decided to share it for others who might be facing the same situation like me. Am new here and the thought is that when will the first order come? have you ever asked your self that question before?. but i have a positive feelings now. I will make it to the TOP RATED SELLER with my voiceover services here on fiverr.

share if you believe like me.

Hello. Please do not create more than one thread on the same topic and post the extras on the forums. One post is enough.

Reply to @fonthaunt: OK thank you for the head ups…just want it to get more views from others to. thanks

Reply to @mary_voiceover: I understand. Duplicates are against the forum rules, however. :slight_smile: You can read the forum Do’s and Don’ts at the top. Good luck!

Welcome to Fiverr, Mary. :slight_smile: