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Everybody is PRO seller on Fiverr


Why, oh, why did you do this???

I just went to search for those sellers, and I selected Graphic design, logo design, and selected PRO services.

The system is telling me there are 168782 PRO services available.

After the first page with sellers labeled PRO Fiverr gives me 50 pages of results with new sellers with no sale at all, while the PRO is still selected as a search parameter.

Other categories:

Select PRO as a parameter you get the seller on the first page that just signed up on Fiverr today.

Go and see it for yourself. Type anything and select PRO as a search filter, first page new sellers with no review after PRO’s GIGs are finished, under Explore other GIG’s.


After Fiverr displays all the PRO sellers and you scroll on the bottom and select another page it will continue to show you all the other gigs available on the site, but the PRO filter is still on as initial search.

So basically search goes like this: you select logo design, and then it shows you, everybody, then you select PRO and system just rearranges PRO GIGs on top of the search, doesn’t display just them, the rest is rearranged randomly and displayed after the PROs are finished.


Yes you’re right. It’s either a bug or intentional that they show normal sellers’ gigs after the Pro sellers’ gigs in the search when you’ve selected to show Pro gigs. If it’s intentional it’s misleading. It could be reported as a bug but they might not think it is. I think it’s changed from how it used to work.


When I select PRO as the filter I thought I will get the only pro as result, but what the system is actually set to do is just rearrange everything so the PRO gigs are on top, and the rest is still there.
So for example if I am new to Fiverr, I search logo and I want PRO, I get page 1 of results and prices are little high, so naturally, i would go to page 3 or 4 counting their prices could be lower, and as I am looking at the results if I am not aware of the Pro verified tag I think these sellers are still PRO but actually they are just random gigs after pros have finished.

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I think that’s intentional.

And if you only want to see Pro sellers in a certain category, you should switch to and search there.

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I know that and you know that, but buyers?

I never search specifically for PRO services, but I counted the results displayed will show only PRO and stop, not continue with everything else, and the transition between PRO GIGs and no level GIGS is very vague.
If there are even number of PRO gigs the row just continues from PRO to NO level with tiny text in between Explore other GIGs.

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I decided to search as well, and the ratio of rated to unrated sellers is quite disproportionate. I guess that’s why most barely get any sales.

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They should make it clear that you are just putting Pro at the top of the results. It’s just a sorting tool but they’re making it look like a filter tool. It’s so wrong. Oh, Fiverr.

Someone should tell the designers at Fiverr that Filter and Sort are two different things and he difference needs to be made clear. This is a UX failure.