Everyday Fiverr are automatically pausing my gig


And it is bloody annoying.

Lost out on a $120 order yesterday. Sent the custom offer when I was just about to head to bed.

In the middle of the night, Fiverr paused my gig.

The customer couldn’t order as the gig was paused. Decided to go somewhere else. It was a gig which would have taken 10-20 minutes at the most.

Fiverr says that this does not happen.

It does.

I get an email whenever it happens that says the gig is going to be paused to allow me to catch up with orders.


CHANGE YOUR DAMN FEATURES AND GIVE ME MY BLOODY $120 to apologise for your crappy feature.


Dear Ryan,

Looks like you need this button!


don’t worry @ryangillam . it could happened to any one .Since @fiverr is updating its forum and UI for their users and adding extra functionality like notification come up + few other things.
Even after fiverr update there may be more opportunities to grow and get maximum orders of high custom offers :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


lol…ask and you will receive :gift:


Sorry that happened to you Ryan.


This might be another new Fiverr feature. I assume if you have a certain amount of late deliveries Fiverr autom. pauses your gig to help you catch up.
To me it makes sense. Wouldn’t you rather have them pause your gigs instead of running late?

You can probably prevent that by bumping up your delivery date.


So sorry to hear that…:cold_sweat: I hope Fiverr compensate you in some manner


hahahaha +djgodknows :stuck_out_tongue: