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Everyday..some days

So here are some daily situations… represented with gifs

When I wake up and see my inbox:

When a client comes with an awesome project with low budget

When project is approved at the first delivery

When there are too many changes

When I receive an order…without previous contact…

What´s your gif?


When a client books the wrong gig or doesn’t purchase enough gigs

When sales stay consistent and I don’t see a drop in revenue

When I have to go on VM

When I come to the forum and find great posts to read (like this one)

When a client clicks on the modification button without needing a modification


A picture paints a thousand words. I just love these! :slight_smile:


That! haha! to ask something…like ´´just in case´´


Thank you, I cannot tell you how much I love this.


I´m glad you liked it! You should share your emotions too!! haha

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So satisfying…


When after a loooooooooooooooong time and reading mundane threads/posts for days, I see something like THIS :arrow_up: .

When buyer do not respond after order is delivered and comes weeks later with lots of revisions ( order already marked complete )

No revision, 5 star review and a Tip.


When I have put a lot into an order and the client gives a nice review

When I come to the forum and I see people going crazy about something minor

When I get a big money order but have that Chargeback feeling about it just waiting for that moment when I get the notification

When people want to ■■■■■ about an order or even worse, when an offline client wants to “touch base with a meeting”.


@indieoven You nailed it!

I couldn’t help myself from posting, I just couldn’t. After all, I’m Woofy, and the forum needs some dog-time!

When I manage to reach the amount of earnings I had in mind for the month:

When I get a chargeback notification:

When I get too many modification requests:

When buyers order $400 by mistake:

When I don’t understand the buyer’s English:

When I don’t want to take on any more orders:

When I hope the buyer hasn’t noticed the typos I’ve made:

When I’m certain I can smell a troublesome buyer:

When I have so many orders that I become a robot:

When a new Fiverr feature happens:

Have fun, @annai80 :smiley:

– and thank you all for slowing down my computer to a freezing-point after opening this thread :smile:


hahaha I love this!!!

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And thank you for this wonderful thread - it’s just what I needed before ending the day and going to sleep! :grin:

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Awe, love these. Thanks Woofy.

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